Marty’s Geekhouse Rain-bow Camo Mudville Oct 9, 2014



Photos by Eric Baumann

Ya know, I was going to paraphrase Marty’s copy from his email to me, but he does such a good job describing his bike, I thought I’d just paste it in. This is by far, one of the best Mudvilles I’ve seen, and you know I love some rain camo on a cross bike!

“The frame paint was done by Rudi Jung. Rudi also came up with the design. When Rudi told me about the idea, I was really excited, as it’s been a few years since I’ve had a new bike. The theme is Rain Camo, mixed with the new 2014 Geekhouse Team Colors, fading from dark teal in the front to bright orange in the rear.

At the last second we got worried it looked a little bit like your fork from Death Spray. We reached out to Death Spray, and his response was “It ain’t no thing, I copied it from the Germans.”

Components on the bike feature Sram’s new CX-1 with Hydro brakes. Enve Rims/Fork, Thomson Stem/Bars Post, and King Headset/Hubs. Wheels we custom built by Luxe Wheelworks. And tires were provided by Challenge.”

See more below!







Excellent work guys!

  • sturtlovinggood

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

  • D0rk

    Somebody grab me a bucket for my drool please.

  • adanpinto

    Great design. A new classic has born.

  • Tom

    That paint is unreal.

  • That really is a thing of beauty.

  • Ham Sandwich

    looks like the cover of kiss each other clean by iron and wine

  • mywynne

    What’s not to love?

  • Patrick Murphy

    looks like the millennium falcon jumping to lightspeed!

  • Kris Macalinao

    Sweet bike, but tread is on backwards on rear

    • Liam Griffin

      I’ve seen people run rear tires backwards in cross for traction / mud clearing, and some tires are actually labeled as such. I’m guessing Marty knows what he’s doing.

      • Kris Macalinao

        I’m sure Marty know’s what he’s doing. But I was pitting at a UCI event and witness a conversation between Steph Wyman (Husband to Helen) and another pro’s Mechanic about tread direction. They had his Chicane’s both glued backwards and wear wondering why it corned like poop. Steph had to clarify stuff for them.

  • gutenbergler

  • Gorgeous.

  • Tyler Morin

    This bike is rad!

  • FireFly

    Great job guys!

  • b_fast

    A little more about Rudi. Glad he’s killing it in Mass but Santa Barbara misses him.

  • Joshua Robot

    Holy! After equipping so many rad people with ill bikes, there is no person more deserving of a new bike than Marty. Now everyone go order a geekhouse so he doesn’t have to sell it ;)

  • Keith Gibson


  • Cody Baker

    Son of a!! Our painter and I were discussing a very similar paint scheme this morning for my new personal rig. Back to the drawing board… Damn fine looking whip Marty!

  • Sean Talkington
  • Tyler Shannon

    Holy Shit, this is unreal. One question though. Why are the cables routed on the underside of the top tube? I’m sure there is a reason, but I’m just not able to get why. Every other Mudville I have lusted after by Geekhouse has them on top.

  • Jan L

    Epic dropouts. Paint reminds me of particle image velocimetry w/ color gradients.

  • STGTprogressiv

    Wow this is banging ! – the only the thing is this ugly derailleur hanger – what happened. this doesnt fit to these wonderful dropouts ?!

  • btdubs

    So this is what Rudi moved to Boston for!

  • Justin Spinelli

    Hi, Great review as always. FYI it’s “Luxe Wheelworks”. Many Thanks, Justin

  • Patrick Estrella

    Well done dude!

  • Ultra_Orange

    So about how much would some fancy paint lovin like this run?