KVLT in Göteborg: the 2014 Svart Katt – Johan Björklund

KVLT in Göteborg: the 2014 Svart Katt
Words and photos by Johan Björklund

Svart Katt is an alley cat race through the darkest corners of Göteborg where the riders look for as many checkpoints and solve questions scavenger hunt style with the help of a map and a manifest during the cold and dark night. You could say it’s a sightseeing tour in the twilight zone.

I did my first Svart Katt in 2012. As much as I enjoy black metal, I had never tried the art of applying corpse paint before and I had made a latex werewolf mask for a music video earlier a couple of years earlier that I still had, so I opted for an easy way out. Needless to say I saw pretty much nothing in the rainy pitch black night and I crashed on old rail road tracks after only a few kilometers. I made it to the finish on time, but I don’t think I’ve ever sweated that much before or after.

Two years after the latex werewolf incident I’m still not good at corpse paint, but I do it anyway. So this Saturday I rode the sixth and last chapter of the alley cat Svart Katt together with 90 other disguised cyclists wearing black through graveyards, churches and some of the shadier parts of central Göteborg. The theme of that last installation was suitably decay and the last stages of life. To quote mastermind organizer Kristian Hallberg he tried to create “a night to resemble a septic fever dream”. He did well.


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  • This is fucking awesome.

    • Johan Björklund


      • Adam Miller

        These are great. So much grain! Film? Or Digital?

        • Digital. You wouldn’t end up with b&w, color at various ISOs from film, unless you shot a lot more photos than this / were savvy at rewinding / reloading film.

          • Adam Miller

            Word. They could be converted to B&W after the fact, but that still leaves the different ISOs.

          • Johan Björklund

            Yep, digital. It’s been too long since I shot analog, need to do something about that!

          • Adam Miller

            I’ve got a Nikon film body with its ISO stuck on 200. Trying to see if I can repair it myself before taking it to a shop (if I can even find one to work on it …).

          • I’d never convert color to B&W – it’s not the same. ;-)

        • Def digital…

  • the. schitz

    “Blending in without effort” Haha priceless!

  • Christopher Lee

    Really like Johan’s style!

    • Johan Björklund

      I aim to please Christopher!