Koga’s Beachracer Just Looks Like a Trail Ripper Oct 15, 2014


A reader sent me this just now, scoffing at it and all I could think when I saw it was “holy shit, that looks fun!” Call it a monster cross, or a dirt drop 29’r, bikepacking rig, or whatever… yes, beach racer. This bike looks like a marketing hit gone awry, turned legit trail ripper. Also, I love the bars. All it needs are some 2.5″ gumwall Ardents.

Has anyone seen one in person? See more at Koga.

Thanks for sharing, Sam!

  • IR

    What would be some other equivalents of this? I think this would be my next type of bike to fulfill multiple roles…

    • Zach

      A rigid 29er mountain bike with dirt drops. Change out the front chainring size to suit your riding preferences.

    • The Singular Gyphon is an MTB designed around drop-bars, sort of in the same territory.

    • Andrew Wade

      Salsa’s 2015 Fargo

    • Maciej Pilichowski

      I am looking for those too :-) Koga Big Rove (or Koga Unit, but I don’t like it) seems nice — still, they don’t sell the frameset, and the setup is not for me, so I am still looking…

  • David Hall

    This is straight awesome, I’ve basically got a pinterest board full of bikes built partially like this, karate Monkey’s etc.

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    Could this be used to race ‘cross? I’ve heard of cross races requiring drop bars but not sure about wheel size.

    • USAC races don’t require drop bars or wheel size / tire sizes. I raced the TX State CX Champs on my fatbike last year. UCI does require drop bars and they only allow 33c tires.

      • Eric Baumann

        the only exception being nationals, where 35c is the tire size limit for ALL fields…though its not really enforced like it is for UCI races.

        • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

          Thanks for the replies, fellas. I’m not a racer but cross intrigues me due to the focus seeming to be on fun.

  • mywynne

    Love it. Looks like so much radness. I ran dirtdrops on one of my previous cross bikes and absolutely loved them, but had to get the bars up so damn high to be comfortable riding in the drops all the time. I’m planning to run some flared bars on my new Nature Boy 853 (OEM Giant, pretty similar shape to cowbells) in a more standard position, but man I’m tempted to throw on my WTB dirtdrops like Koga has here and see if it’s rideable…

    • Tom

      I had the same experience. Needed to use some ridiculous Salsa riser stem and some spacers just to make them comfortable. The bike looked like a dogs breakfast. Purpose built around drop bars like this bike seems like a MUCH nicer route.

      • mywynne

        Exactly. Looked like crap but was sooooo much fun on the trails, such a nice secure feeling, no way to get your hands kicked off the bars. Might set up the dirtdrops juuuust to see how they look…

        • I much preferred riding a flat bar on my MTB to be honest but I suspect it had less to do with the drop bars and more to do with the fact that the frame wasn’t designed around it. Guess it depends on the trails as well.

  • Frederik Thue Andersen

    They showed it for the first time at Euro Bike 2 years ago, quite cool, had it at their booth again this year.
    This is what it’s made for:

    • hans

      oh man, that looks fun and hard and windy!

  • Drundu

    The bike was designed for Rames Bekkenk, who is one of The Netherland’s fastest beach racers. Yes, we do that for we have a severe lack of mountains.

  • Jay Nalbach

    a buddy of mine has one here in PDX and he races CX with it…its a rad rad ride

  • jon

    No way in hell im gonna drop 2 grand on a bike and take it to the beach. You people must either be land locked and NEVER been to the ocean, or youre filthy rich and just that eccentric. Do you have any idea what that salt air does to metal? Ok fine its an aluminum frame. How about drivetrain? Ok fine, the whole thing is either plastic or aluminum. What about the sand? Are you gonna lube everything in graphite powder? Hey, you guys do what you want with your money but i already have a beach racer. Its a huffy beach cruiser with a flat bar. It cost $90 and the flat bar was free from another bike. My credentials? Life long Florida resident. Ive seen people buy brand new BMW’s. Park it 2 blocks from the beach and a year later its a junker.

    • Calm down Jonny! ;-)

      • Dobry

        All work and no play again, eh Jonny?

  • professorvelo

    editorial comment: “gone awry”

    • thanks!

      • professorvelo

        no problem. you can rely on me for all of your lexicological needs ;)

  • Cycling News did a bike check on this last December.


  • KT

    WOW! Diggin it!

  • Mike Jandora

    The graphics are a bit too “Avenge Sevenfold” for my taste, but the bike is gnar.

  • Thomas Ettema

    These bars (+ a short stem) are a great way to turn your 29’er mountainbike into some sort of Gravel grinder / beach grinder machine. I run a similar setup, but different. Not for racing, but for long winter commutes. Yes, I can commute over a stretch of Dutch beach…


    • Dobry

      Nice bike, man. Cool blog too.
      Thanks for sharing!

  • Peter

    this Niner RLT9 is close, but only fits a 45mm tire, not 60mm like the Koga….which is pretty significant really.

    That HiBall you featured awhile back is probably more similar

  • I saw the one that they had at EuroBike in ’13. It was beautiful and really made me want to take it for a ride. Not on the beach, it’s intended purpose but on the trails or gravel roads. The whole bike just looked fast and fun. One of the more interesting things about the bike were the handlebars where were purpose designed and sadly, at least then, only available with the complete bicycle.

  • Neill Hope

    I have one on order. Be here in the new year. Can’t wait!