Jolene’s All-City Space Horse Commuter

All-City’s entire lineup is incredibly versatile and the Space Horse is a prime example. The frame’s paint is so classy that just about any component group or build kit will look great on it, especially silver parts. Jolene’s All-City Space Horse is one of my favorite to date. Little details like the blue nipples, Brooks Cambium, PDW Bird Cage, Balloon tires and the interesting 1x for commuting simplicity really make this production frame unique.

If she ever wants to do a tour, she’ll add rings, a shifter and appropriate cables but for now, this bike pedals her to work at Brew & Brew each day just fine…

  • Boris Bikeman

    I could look at Space Horse builds all day. I wasn’t to pumped on the new green frames but after a couple months I am ready to pick a green one up and get after it.

  • pizza dude

    Was just searching the web for “Blue Nipples” and came across this… ;) Very cool bike. Jolene and Jonathan inspired me to get back into biking and I am forever grateful.

  • Chris DeVries

    Love the Greenstreet sticker! Did this make its way down from Omaha?

    • Yep! Jolene and Jon just moved here from Omaha.

  • Tom

    Thumbies FTW.

    • carl bradtmiller

      VO thumb shifter mounts ftw. those are a 23.8 clamp with a shim, paul doesnt make a 23.8 thumbie. cool build. cambium grips for christmas

      • Tom

        Oh I had no idea someone else was making one. Awesome. Well then, Dura Ace bar end shifter as thumb shifter FTW. I have one of these on a 1×6 MTB setup that is excellent. Such a positive feel when shifting.

    • Anton Tutter

      This setup looks almost identical to mine: VO postino bars, Shimano Ultegra bar-ends on Paul thumbies, and Tektro FL750 levers.[email protected]/10069551304/

  • Nat Whittingham

    Royce Cranks? Gorgeous Build!

  • mywynne

    This might well be my fave Space Horse build yet. (also, daaaaang I want my Nature Boy frame to arrive!)

  • Drew Mabry

    As a fellow member of the Tiny SpaceHorse Cult who uses his steed for daily commuting, I have to say that this build is simply outstanding. It makes me all the more proud to own one of her shirts.

    • Chris Kyle

      My Space Horse is small too. It’s been a great bike.

      • Drew Mabry

        Of course by “tiny” I mean next to a regular horse. Mine is a 61. And like yours , a great bike!

  • Is there a reason the rear wheel is so far forward in the drop outs? Just curious.

    • Will Ashe

      The Space Horse dropout is designed to have the wheel all the way forward when using a traditional derailleur. From All-City, “The small tab on the front of the dropout in combination with the adjustment screw means that the wheel is fixed in place like a vertical dropout system. You’ll never have to wonder where to get the best shifting. Simply place the wheel fully forward in the dropout and you’re done.

  • Devin Mooney

    Bird bottle cage is so regal.

  • Rustie Kaster

    That chain keeper is dope and I love how the clamp disappears behind the ring. I wish Paul made aluminum stuff I could wear.

  • ReverseWatson

    What kind of wonderful front-rack is that!

  • cdoett

    What kind of shifters are these?

    • diddlebop

      8 or 9 speed Shimano Bar ends matched to VO thumb shifter mount.

  • David Miller

    Goddamn that is a nice looking bike! I’ve been drooling over the Space Horse for awhile, especially now with the green frame coming out. Think I might have to sell my Harley Davidson so I can buy one!

  • hans

    that’s a clean bell mounting solution.

  • I rode this bike to and from work for a week last year. It made me go out and order a Space Horse frame to build up myself!!! Maybe I will send in pictures when it’s done?! Sick bike, sick build and a fellow Omaha cyclist and great friend! I’m so stoked to see this bike on The Radavist!!! Go Jo!

  • Elliot Carlin

    What kind of pedals are those?

  • Jenny Wilkey

    HI! thank you for these photos! I have a space horse and need to switch from drop bars due to degenerative discs in my neck making it unrealistic for me to ride without pain, but didn’t know if I could keep the gorgeous and classical look. Y’all’s set up is perfect!