Good Things Don’t Change at Mercian Cycles – Jim Holland

Good Things Don’t Change at Mercian Cycles
Photos and words by Jim Holland

Sometimes good things don’t change, Mercian Cycles is one of those things.

The current workshop has sat in the same spot since 1965, watching as modern industrial buildings crop up around it and other older workshops disappear. Underneath the steeped, church like ceiling, little has changed and the intermittent clang of tubes and scraping of files ring out as they have done for the last 50 years whilst one by one, men make bicycles by hand.

Frames are still brazed free hand on an open hearth, as they have been since day one, amongst the very last practitioners of this method, Mercian believes it to be gentler on the tubes, which contributes to the longevity of the frame. Die hard Reynolds stalwarts, they don’t often stray from Birmingham steel and have a good stock of 531 for the true nostalgist.

One of just a handful of England’s traditional shop based builders that remain, the torches are still firing brightly and the benches are seldom dormant as the orders keep pouring in, one of them mine, I’m counting the days.


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  • charlesojones

    Nice calendar!

    Oh, and the bikes look good too.

  • recurrecur

    I live for the day when I finally get a Merican, complete with the barber shop seat tube.
    Nice pics.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Loved my Mercian track bike and really regret selling it…

    • Ben Sessions

      Hi, have your sold Mercian? If so what size is it, and of course, what do you want for it?

      • Kerry Nordstrom

        Ah, it was a 57.5 cm square track bike…I sold it probably 6 years ago on eBay. If I had it today, there’s no way I would sell it again.