Full Windsor: The Breaker Tool Oct 29, 2014

Full Windsor is taking their multi tool to new limits and needs the help of Kickstarter:

“Featuring a chain breaker with a tool grade stainless steel pin. The Breaker uses the tool bit extender as a handle, giving you the functionality of a workshop chain breaker in a multi tool. A magnetic tool bit slot is located in the tool’s end allowing the tool to be used like a screw driver. The Breaker is compact and fits nicely into a leather and recycled inner tube pouch. The Breaker is cast from stainless steel using a loss wax casting process and then is tool hardened. It is currently Patent Pending.

The tool weighs just 100g/3.5oz and magnetically houses 2 tool bits inside it’s structure. While the full tool pouch weighs just 185g/ 6.5oz.

The Breaker features:

Chain Breaker with tool hardened stainless steel pin (replaceable)
Glass filled nylon tyre lever with a steel core
Spoke key
3,4,5,6,8mm hex tool bits
Philips head screw driver (PH2)
T25 torx bit
Tool bit extender
Bottle opener
Leather (jet black or burnt brown) and recycled inner tube pouch “

  • aradilon

    It’s to big and heavy for what it is, there are so many multitools for bikes and almost all of them (like all of the multitools from Lezyne) are smaller and have more tools. Ok this looks good but a multitool is carried in a saddlebag or in a vestpocket so u don’t see it until u need it. It’s also very big so u can only put it in a backpocket. Ow and a normal minitool fixes a brokenchain just as good.
    Also the video lets u show u can’t use it as a saddle bag and while it looks cool, i put alot more in my saddle bag than that.

    So it looks good but that’s about it, would never buy it (just like the Brooks multitool btw).

    • Well, personally, I’d rather use a tool like this that rests in the palm of your hand, rather than something with so much piled into it that you’re always fumbling about. It’s also not heavy, it’s only 185g/ 6.5oz with everything in the tool pouch. That’s lighter than most tools, half its size.

      • aradilon

        If i use such a tool it’s only on the roadside and i don’t care about it feels, i just wanne fix the problem as fast as possible. And then i want tools that can fix all my problems. And it’s not lighter than a multitool with the same price, even my cheap Lezyne is lighter. This is only more hipstercool than other multitools, not more, just like alot of things these days.

        • When your hands are cold, muddy, wet, size matters. I only say that because I carry around a full size chain break and allen keys now when I’m doing remote rides and something like this solves that problem.

          Again, no one is forcing you to buy it and how can you hate something so much, to the point of calling it “hipster cool”, when you haven’t used it?

          • aradilon

            Lol, never had problems with my multitool even with cold wet hands, like i said at that point i’m only thinking about getting on the bike as fast as possible.
            And really a real chainbreaker? I’ve even used my chainbreaker on my multitool at home it works, if u have so many chain problems that u need a fullsize tool u should take care of your chain better xD.

            And i don’t hate it, i just don’t like it. It’s just that a normal multitool is better in almost every way, is cheaper and is probably alot easier to get. It’s the same why i dislike Apple, u pay for the design and nothing more, although it seems that way at first. Also there have been so many kickstarters that didn’t deliver the product or it wasn’t the same as promised, so i like to buy these things from a real brand.

          • Sean Curran

            This would work well for commuting for me. Throw it in my bag and forget it, and comfortably fix things at whatever rate of speed I want. I too carry a real chain breaker, especially any time I’m on my mtb, or long rides. I have been failed by multitool chain breakers too many times.

            And also, whats your problem with paying for design? Good design is just as important, if not more, than anything else.

            If its not you don’t buy it, pretty simple.

          • D.J. Bolles

            Well, we definitely know you aren’t into it and you are a pro with your multi tool. Got it.

          • Ngarto

            I’ll agree with aradilon, I’ve used multitools in -20F weather with no problem and I can get enough torque. I can’t imagine fumbling around with ‘bit’ inserts in shitty conditions, those things would be lost in the snow/mud in 20 seconds. This thing is definetly overdesigned without addressing any real pain points–who is breaking that many chains in the field? Had they thrown a 15mm cone wrench in I’d reconsider.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    love the concept and execution. but, I’m just confused by an established company’s decision to approach a new product utilizing kickstarter- or maybe i’ve just been missing out.

    • Ace Metric… This is happening more and more. Kickstarter has become a cost effective (cheap) way to get publicity for a new product and lets some of the brands early adopters to maybe get a bit of a deal on first production.