These Ergon CF3 Seatposts are Nice! Oct 13, 2014


People keep talking about dropper posts on cross bikes and while I understand their concerns, I think these Ergon CF3 posts are the perfect solution for those wanting a post that absorbs rough roads or trails. They’re light, fairly easy to setup – use a torque wrench! – and I was amazed at how much “shock” they actually absorb. Aside from rider weight limitations (220lbs), they seem to be resilient. I’ve since put it on my cross bike for trail riding and even after some remounts and wrecks, it hasn’t slipped. I didn’t even use the shim…

See more below.


The only downside, I’d say, is the price but you can find them for around $200 online – normally I say buy them local, but Canyon bought all the stock Ergon had, so it’s not possible to order anymore from them.


Read more about the CF3 post at Ergon. Oh and the saddles aint bad either.

  • mywynne

    Been pretty interested in this. Still a bit skeptical, but looking forward to a longer-term review

    • Ditto. Truthfully, it’s mostly noticeable on bumpy singletrack but I’m usually off the saddle in that stuff anyway. I do however like the flex while climbing on a MTB though.

      • mywynne

        I actually think it looks really great, I can see plenty of benefits, but working in a shop… I get a bit nervous considering how badly I’ve seen customers botch any kind of setup with a regular post.

        • GioFio

          I cannot agree with this more. After seeing many a customer wreck an alloy seatpost, this scares me

          • I’d like to think anyone that would buy this post would spend the time to read the instructions… There’s a huge difference between an alloy post that comes with a bike and a $250 carbon post, right?

          • GioFio

            Of course there’s a HUGE difference. For the majority of people, I would be quick to recommend them this post. However, it wouldn’t shock me to see these overtightened in a second, due to so many people that don’t read the instructions. Granted, there’s always that possibility with any bike component out there, and maybe it’s just me being cynical. The post looked killer at Interbike, and I would love to try one.

          • mywynne

            Definitely agree in principle, but there’s always that doubt… And I guess I shouldn’t lay all the blame on the end user – I’ve seen some pretty bad hackjobs come through from other shops (I’m sure guilty of not looking up the specs for every part I handle, but I do try for anything remotely ‘exotic’)

          • Meh, if they wreck seatpost, they wreck em, doesn’t matter really.

  • Ian Stone

    My tires absorb rough roads or trails.

  • Trenton South

    The ergon post is aesthetically more pleasing than the Cobblegobbler(CG-R) post from Specialized. I like that you posted this on the Poler Portland Edition AWOL

  • dontcoast

    Ergon says it’s for road use. No mention of cyclocross/rigid mtb… Would it hold up fir that kind of riding? That’s the application that would interest me.

  • Kyle

    Just buy a titanium seat post. Tons of compliance, ( most ) are made in the US and can be made custom for laybacks / lengths. At that, the price for most are not much more than this.

  • Ross Stralia

    Look really cool – but at what cost. I’ll add it to the ‘when-it-win-lotto-list”