Engin’s All-Road Bicycles Oct 17, 2014



You know what? I think Drew at Engin’s work is some of the finest in the world and when it comes to mountain frames, his titanium trail rockets are the things dreams are made of, so why wouldn’t he be able to make a sick cross bike, or all-road rig? Look at the body language and stance on that thing!

These bikes look the part and although I’ve never ridden one, I bet they rip just fine.

Check out more at Engin.

  • Kyle

    Drew is one of the best dudes in the industry. Funny as hell and makes practical bikes that everyone would want to ride. Happy to see him on The Radavist.

    This was one of his show bikes at NAHBS, corrrect?

    • Yep and I couldn’t get a good shot of it because it was always swarmed by people. haha.

  • tylernol

    I love my steel singlespeed 29r he built for me a few years ago. He might be working on something else right now for me..

  • Eric

    Drew built my steel road bike and it is without a doubt the best bike I’ve ever ridden. He certainly knows his stuff. If I ever have a cross bike built as opposed to sticking with off the peg, Drew will be building it.

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    Dem dropouts. Too dope.

  • Louis

    Im interested in the weld line on the seat tube right below the top tube/seat stay junction. What’s that all about?

    • Joe Roggenbuck

      It’s a seat post collar that he machined and welded to the top of the seat tube. It’s the correct inside diameter for the seatpost, whereas the rest of the tube is presumably selected for ride characteristics. Usually tubes come in fractional inch diameters ie 1″ 1 1/8″ 1 1/4″ etc, and with different wall thicknesses, leaving the inside diameter a random size not likely compatible with common seat posts. It’s more common to see that on Ti bikes with the relative lack of bike-specific tubing options, but I think he did the same treatment for his steel bikes, too.