Colorado Road Trippin’ – Jeff Frane

Colorado Road Trippin’
Words and photos by Jeff Frane

Hello, it’s me Jeffrey Gene Frane of Bike Jerks and All-City. This is the first time John’s let me infiltrate the Radavist with my ramblings and photos, although he insisted that I let him edit the photos, something about dropping out the cyan or some such. It stung at first, but I can see how my iPhoto skillz may not be up to par for such a fine site as this…

Anyhoo, I’ve got a dog whom you may recognize. Not just any dog, but the #1 Brown Dog in America (so official). His name is Baroo, and he is my buddy. I’ve been long wanting to see how he would do on an extended road trip, so this June we loaded up the van and headed out to visit our Colorado homies Tyler of Pearl Velo, and Josh from Avery County Cycles. Two of my favorite people in the bike game.

The trip took us 2500 miles through the Midwest and Colorado over some of the most beautiful terrain this country has to offer. Baroo didn’t pee in anyone’s house, kept up on the trails, and never slept once while the van was moving. We made some new friends, deeper connections with those we already knew (or thought we knew), and at every turn pursued the secret knowledge of back-roads which has long been my obsession.

It’s already snowed here in Minneapolis this fall, so I’m pretty nostalgic for the lazy summer days captured here…


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  • James


  • hans

    nice work Jeff!

  • Excellent photos and words, looking forward to more. Also interested in how Baroo came to rip trails with you guys. Was it difficult to get him to maintain speed without getting in the way of the bikes? Did you have to ease him into it (learning curve?)? Any specific technique for training? I’ve always been interested in having a canine trail buddy one day.

  • Cooper Johnson

    Basically just Vanagon porn. God I wish that vehicle wasn’t a (cash) trap.

    • Jeffrey Frane

      While I love my van dearly. I’ve come to the realization that the jim jam is to acquire an AWD Safari or Astro and build it out. They are all wheel drive, look amazing when lifted, have high roofs, and parts can be had at basically any salvage yard in the country. If I had to do it all over, that’s the route I believe I would take.

  • breed007

    Skip the interstate, bring the dog. I’ve been doing Colorado road trips wrong.

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    Photo 17: #natureismetal. Looks like a good time! Thanks for sharing.

  • Daniel Martins

    Great Photos .

  • One of the best weekends of the summer. So glad I got to join in. Thanks dudes…

  • pipi perrito <3

  • Swathi Krishna

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  • Sarah Lurleen

    Awesome blog,Excellent photos and words, looking forward to more. Also interested in how Baroo came to rip trails with you guys.

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