Blackburn’s New Outpost Bags Oct 15, 2014


Bikepacking bags have gained a lot of momentum in the market over the past few years and now Blackburn offers up their take on these simple designs. By utilizing a standard dry sack, the Outpost Seat Pack and Bar Roll make it even easier to load and unload your bike, all while remaining secure, even on the most technical singletrack.

See more Outpost products at Blackburn, including their new Cargo Cage and Top Tube bag.

  • sssasky

    I guess I appreciate the effort, but $99 for an overseas knockoff seems a bit crazy for the seat pack. Heck, Revelate’s made-in-the-U-S-of-A drybag seatpack sells for $90. Similar efforts from other small manufacturers seem to range from $100-200, including Porcelain Rocket’s considerably more rad Mr Fusion at $175.

    While I know Blackburn is doing some cool grassroots stuff with the Ranger program, this is obviously going to really hurt small manufacturers and product innovators here at home.

    • This seat pack is completely different than both the Revelate and the Porcelain Rocket packs. I have all three and while the design language is similar, the actual use is different. It’s more akin to the Porcelain Rocket pack…

      Truth is, Blackburn’s been working on these packs for over two years. It takes a long time to get products made overseas.

      And yes, I do agree more “big companies” making similar bags as the “small companies” could hurt the small companies, but right now, I don’t think that’s the case.

      Besides, people like options and products they can go right to their shop and order, versus waiting for a few months… It’s like the difference between ordering an All-City, Salsa, Surly versus getting a production / custom, made in the USA frame.

      Like I said, I have the Revelate, the Blackburn and the Porcelain Rocket bag.

      • sssasky

        I don’t deny the value of overseas production for a moment, and realise Blackburn was probably working on this for a long time. Nor do I think they stole the design.

        However, in terms of intended use, construction, and capacity, it’s clearly a direct competitor to existing products.

        I guess it’s the price that gets me – what’s the point of overseas production if there isn’t a cost savings? People wouldn’t buy Surly etc nearly as much if they cost the same as a custom, USA-made frame.

        Rocky Mountain bikes and QBP have both used small USA brands to do co-branded frame bags, that remain competitive on price, so obviously it’s doable at a production level.

        Like I said, I think Blackburn is doing cool stuff, I just think it would have been better if, for that price point, they used local production (if it works for QBP, it’s viable), or they should have passed the overseas production savings on to consumers, to get more people into bikepacking.

        • Totally agree. My Thought re: pricepoint is, this bag has a lot of work in it. Particularly when compared to the Revelate bag, which is priced for wholesale / retail. It’s a similar construction compared to the Porcelain rocket bag, minus the Rick Hunter brace – the PR bag is direct sale, no wholesale.

          I’m not arguing FWIW, just explaining a little… ;-)

          • sssasky

            All good – no arguing here.

            Thanks for the insight.

  • SSSASKY… you kind of hit the nail on the head. I’m a bag maker myself and in Europe where everything is more expensive. It’s already hard enough to compete with Revelate but at this price, it’s not possible. Mind you, I actually like a lot of what Blackburn does, especially the Ranger program. The one really good thing is that injects a slightly altered design into the market. The Porcelain Rocket – Mr. Fusion is a really sweet setup!

    • bitcycle

      I’m located in Europe (Belgium) and I’m interested in buying a seat pack. Can you recommend any brands/vendors that have a proper list of shops or an online outlet?