Bishop Bikes: Rob’s Light Tourer Oct 6, 2014



What do you call a road bike with a decalleur? I dunno? Light tourer? Whatever it is, Chris Bishop’s calling it a road bike, but it’s way more than that. Head over to the Bishop Flickr to see more.

This bike is amazing – the striping on the stays!!!. Killer job, Chris!

  • Tom

    Chris seems to be making some of the nicest bikes that I’ve seen as of late. Solid work!

  • Sportif?

  • Fabian Kuhnimhof

    soooo nice!

  • asdfsky

    I can’t identify what crank arm he uses, look like a campy one but no marking

    • It’s been modified by Drillium Revival.

      • asdfsky

        Thanks John, learning new things everyday.

  • vopop

    Only me seeing that strange string attached to the left side of decaleur? What’s that?

  • Kerry Nordstrom