Watch Jens Voigt’s Hour Record Attempt Sep 18, 2014

Right now, you can watch the one and only Jens Voigt take on the Hour Record in the embedded video above. Also, don’t miss this in-depth look at Jens’ bike at Cycling News!

  • Kevin

    YES!!!! Congrats Jens!

  • Woo!

  • 205… yeahhhh buddy!

  • Andy Brown

    51.115km ouch.

  • Keith Gibson

    >400 watts/hr at one point. machine

  • JongSlaughter

    any “rad” dudes gonna go there and throw beer and hooker cards on him?

  • Samuel Lopez

    Now for Wiggo to break it…

    • Cancellara could do some work as well…

      • Samuel Lopez


        • Spencer Olinek

          If we’re all lucky, this will spark a bunch of fresh attempts. I think Jens would be happy to have his career end with record that in turn motivates others to give it a go.

          • Exactly, I don’t know why people are being so weird over this!

  • Chris Valente

    Was there any doubt he was going to break it? What an animal…

  • campirecord

    I don’t really get it. Does anyone think Wiggo or Fabian or any specialist (I could list 20 I guess) not shatter this number. I mean cheers to Jens but I don’t care what cereals you eat, he’s simply not a specialist and this was really a coup for Trek. I will give Jens a big up for not thrashing right left like a robot this time on the TT.

    • Damn. Just let the man bask in the glory for a second… Kinda harsh, no?

      • campirecord

        Kinda harsh is comparing Jens to Mercx… I love Jens, but there’s a little East German je ne sais quoi hiding behind that good sincere mature athlete. It’s good practice for the future to poke at him a bit. But yes, good job.

        • It is harsh to compare Jens to a doper, you’re right.

          • awesometown

            Love it, these comments went form zero to cyclingnews in about 6 comments. If you don’t like the sport, you hate the doping of the past. Don’t watch the sport. Better yet… just go ride your bike.

          • campirecord

            I love Jens, I love cycling, I never put an athlete before the sport. I never put a sport before its realities. I can live with that dissonance. It’s not a diss.

  • Rasmus Riemann

    Jens Ipod playlist:

    Hour Record:
    • Republica “Ready to Go”
    • P.O.D. “Feel So Alive”
    • Metallica “One”
    • AC/DC “Hells Bells”
    • AC/DC “Highway to Hell”
    • Farmerboys “Here Comes the Pain”
    • Ugly Kid Joe “Goddam Devil”
    • AC/DC “Thunderstruck”
    • Black Sabbath “Paranoid”
    • Metallica “Frayed Ends of Sanity”
    • Europe “Final Countdown”

  • Raoul Morley

    The hour used to be the mark of champions, Merckx, Moser Indurain Rominger, not average pro’s with a good press machine on the verge of retirement….
    Totally devalued it for me I’m afraid!

    • It’s not like he just waltzed in off a shit career with no training and broke the hour record. Jens has always been a strong rider, free of doping allegations and he’s been training. You’re totally undermining what a feat and show of endurance this is.

      I get what you’re saying though, but you have to consider how different professional cycling is now, compared to the era of Merckx and Moser. The latter who did it on a clown bike, too. ;-)

      • campirecord

        I agree with you but can’t help watching all the director sportif out there, looking at the ground rolling their tongues. There are just things in life you don’t need to push. God is almighty, Lance never doped, we should all have guns and my mom never slept with another man. Don’t be that guy !

      • Hollis Duncan

        Jens says he rode clean for Crédit Agricole; I know grandmothers in Europe who would roll their eyes at the suggestion that Mr. Voigt is not on the program.