Twin Six’s New Standard Rando Frameset Sep 29, 2014


This weekend, we took a look at the Twin Six Standard 29r and already, people are talking about this frame: their Rando frameset.

Traditionally, randonneuring frames have rim brakes, 650b wheels and quill stems, yet Twin Six opts for disc, 700c x 43c (perfect for a tire like the Bruce Gordon RockNRoad) and other modern technologies like PF30BB. Personally, I’d just call this a light touring bike since stylistically, it’s pretty detached from a traditional randonneuring bike.

At any rate, Twin Six’s offerings thus far are affordable, stylish and best of all: METAL.

These will be available as frames only and will retail for around $600 for either black or $650 for green with matching fenders. Due out by the end of 2014…

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  • Joe

    Twin Six did an awesome job with their new frames. This would be the one for me if I were to buy one. I’m a sucker for a total “go get lost” machine. Love the understated paint work and the generous tire clearance.

  • ed munded

    Nice ride, reminds me of the original Cotic Roadrat from few years back, esp with wishbone – great bike.

    • It looks a lot like the Tamland too!

      • Dobry

        I’ve been comparing this to the Tamland as well. I wish someone would do a side-by-side of the two.

  • Tyler Morin

    Any word on when these are going to start becoming available?

  • I want one, where do I order!?

  • Sean Noonan

    Frames only or frames and forks?

    • Frame and fork for this one. Frame only for the MTB and Fatbike.

  • Rando: X-mas/Holiday 2014

    Standard 29: Spring 2015
    CX: Spring 2015
    Fat: End of November 2014

  • geoff.tewierik

    Any dimensions available? Would like to know the trail.

  • Brian Sims

    Damn Prolly, nice shootin’!

  • Dobry

    Any word on what T6 Standard Steel is? I like this frame a lot, but it’s clearly not 853, because it’s about 2/3 the price of the Standard Cross. I’m not saying I expect them to make it out of hi-ten or something, but I’m a big believer in transparency.

    • Nick Pappas

      Bump. Would like to know as well.

      • Dobry

        Enquiring minds want to know!

        • Jesse LaLonde

          Thanks for asking guys. The Rando frame is built from 4130 double butted CroMo tubes. To give you an idea a 55cm frame comes in at 5.08lbs and the steel fork at 2.08 lbs (uncut).

          • Dobry

            Thanks! That seems like a good, “standard” choice.

          • DaymanDaryl

            Jesse, what can you tell us about da butts?