Twin Six’s New Standard 29r MTB Sep 27, 2014


For 2015, clothing company Twin Six is leaping into the frame marketplace, as seen in the 2014 Interbike coverage. My favorite of the bunch is the Standard 29’r. Made from 853 and set up to be customized, in terms of drivetrain options, these new bikes are anything but “standard”. The best thing, is the price… Frame, seat collar, and custom top cap: $900 (MSRP) or frame, matching rigid fork, seat collar, and custom top cap: $1050 (MSRP).

See more details below!


• 853 steel tubing
• suspension corrected for a 100mm fork
• Twin Six designed modular dropout (standard QR/142×12 TA)
• low profile interchangeable cable mounts keep the set up clean whether your running single, 1x, or 2x.
• SS set up is achieved by a press fit eccentric with Phil Wood grade bearings.
• HT angle 70.5˚
• ST angle 73˚
• CS length 17.32″
• BB drop 2.16″






  • fpjoran

    Something futuristic about that.

  • “Designed in Minneapolis”, so where is it built?

    • Taiwan. It’d be a miracle if they could make those in the USA at that pricepoint.

      • Yeah that’s what I thought. But it looks good so I might just buy one anyways. The fort looks like a Whisky, do you have any idea if it is?

  • Michael Ousby

    Whats the point?

    • A steel hardtail? They’re fun… why?

      • Michael Ousby

        Yeah I get that, who doesn’t! But what does it bring to an already congested market? It’d be like Pearl Izumi putting out a Carbon Road frame built in China!?

        • Personally, I don’t think of the steel hardtail 100mm market as congested. Salsa, Kona, Surly… who else?

          • Max

            Jamis is the only Reynolds 853 non custom 29er steel hard tail that comes to mind, but they don’t sell those as frame only. This is a good option, thanks for pointing it out John.

          • Richard Dreyer

            My Spot Brand 29er is 853. Smaller company though. But the point remains, there’s only a handful of options.

          • jbarends95


          • AttackCowboy

            I was looking at RSD bikes today. They make a 853 hardtail that looks pretty sweet. Anyone have experience with them?

        • Andy Brown

          Ritchey P-29er…

    • professorvelo

      Sometimes it’s just an expression of a design ethos – as it is with T6. I don’t think they’re trying to take market share as much as making a logical progression. The METAL teams and BKB are also who they’re building for and peeps who dig what that style is about. I still wish it were made in the US. Perhaps as domestic production bikes á la Wraith get more cost effective we’ll see more of it. word.

  • Brian Sims

    Love the interchangeable rear dropouts. Add such versatility to the frame. The rando bike they are doing is pretty sweet too, but wish it had the interchangeable dropouts.

    • My only critique is the 100mm susp correction. 120mm is way more versatile.

    • Dobry

      I like the Rando too, the drop outs don’t bother me as much as the fact that they won’t say what it’s made of. Funny how the cx and 29er are 853, but the Rando is “T6 Standard”. What is that?

    • Ham Sandwich

      im not sure the dropouts are interchangeable like the surly MDS dropouts. looks like theyre just replaceable.

  • Dobry

    That bike looks so good. And muddy! Can’t wait to check out the lineup.

  • miles whitmore

    I was totally in until I saw the BB height. Waay too high for a rigid bike and too tall for a 100mm fork as well. But a bb that high makes it easy to get the chainstays that short without having to resort to a bent seat tube which would’ve made this thing a bit more expensive.

    • You sure it looks too high? It’s not Krampus high… I haven’t seen the specs yet, so I can’t say for sure.

      • miles whitmore

        The specs are listed above ^ 2.16 in or about 55mm of bb drop which is about 10 mm high than makes sense for a 100mm fork at least in my opinion. I actually prefer about 70mm of bb drop on my rigid bike but I realize that doesn’t work for a bike that might have a suspension fork…

        • Oh, I didn’t even see the BB drop specs! My bad!