Team AWOL Party at the Poler Store in Portland Tonight Sep 2, 2014


Hey Portland, I’d be honored to have you come out to this opening party with AWOL and Poler. I’ll bring the bourbon!

Read the full press-release below.

Team AWOL teams up with the Portland based outdoor company POLER STUFF for the AWOL x POLER collaboration as part of the limitedSpecialized LAB program. Bikes will be available to the public on September 6th.

Long story short to give You an idea of what this is.

Team AWOL didn’t know it at the time, but our (r)adventure bike was designed to shred across the entire state of Oregon. AWOL and Oregon is the perfect match, just like AWOL and POLER. We both love Oregon and have the likes for rad stuff. A friendship was destined to happen. The AWOL is a #campvibes enabling shred sled. AWOL x POLER, we just had to make a bike together. A phone call, about 12 Old Fashioned’s and a weekend in Portland later and we had something good cooking on our camp stoves. Team AWOL went back to their California basecamp and smoke signaled our common friend John Watson / The Radavist and dared him to do a (r)adventure with us. And so it happened. Erik Nohlin and John Watson as Team AWOL on the AWOL x POLER, un-supported, across the Oregon Outback. Klammath Falls in the South to Columbia River on the Washington border. 3 days and 368 miles. Team AWOL finished the 2014 Oregon Outback race and this is our story.


Oregon Outback Day1

Oregon Outback Day2

Oregon Outback Day3

Post on The Radavist HERE HiRez Product photos HERE Photo credit John Watson / The Radavist REQUIRED!

John Watson’s photography from the ride will be exhibited at the POLER flagship store as well as in a AWOL x POLER fanzine being launched together with the bike on Friday, September 5th, at the POLER flagship store 5pm – 9pm 413 SW 10th Ave in Portland – WELCOME!

Inspirational platform and home of the Specialized AWOL (r)adventure bike HERE

The AWOL x POLER bike is available in a limited number through Specialized dealers, contact Your local Specialized dealer for more info to get a bike. Bikes are displayed but not sold at POLER Flagship stores and key dealers. Follow @polerstuff on Instagram for information and inspiration.

  • Neat.

  • P. Cochran

    Don’t forget to plug Sonos, buddy.

  • Ian Stone

    Called the Specialized dealer and they said their rep at HQ can only confirm it’s existence, but won’t give pricing or availability yet :(

    • Hold on, that info will be available on the 6th, so will the bikes.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Shoot. I really want to try and make it down for this!

  • Ian Stone

    Side note, Art in the Age makes a super delicious “Root” drink. It’s so good.

  • Colin

    any info on the poler panniers?

  • Raul Bonifacio

    ummm … BEST NEWS EVER ! cant wait to see the photos and swing by on Friday !

  • pdxEric

    Awesome, looking forward to stopping by and saying hello.