Swift Industries: Scout’s Motto Tool Roll Sep 3, 2014


Here’s another product from Swift Industries that caught my eye: the Scout’s Motto Tool Roll. Made in Seattle, Washington and retails for $37. See more information at Swift and a few more photos at the Swift Flickr.

  • AJ Tendick

    So nice to be able to buy a nice roll without all the social media games and tiny pre orders, thanks for the post got mine ordered already.

    • It’s not a “social media game” they pre-sold 200 and one dude is making them.

      • AJ Tendick

        “follow me on instagram for a Fri release” which sells out in 30 seconds is a social media game, sorry. More power to him but that’s just a pain in the ass to try to get a hold of one. Like I said, glad to have been able to snag a swift without any hoops.

        • Rob X

          But the 200 that pre-sold last week didn’t sell out in 30 seconds…

          • Yeah, they’re the best rolls I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a lot) – great products sell well.

    • Kyle Kelley