Swift Industries for Ocean Air Cycles: Docena Demi-Porteur Bag Sep 2, 2014


One of my favorite small online shop owners that I’ve never met is Rob from Ocean Air Cycles. Recently, they collaborated with Swift Industries on a demi-porteur bag called the Docena. What is a demi-porteur bag? Read all about it at Ocean Air’s blog.

Done reading? Ok, to test the waters for full-on production, Ocean Air is running a pre-order on these bags. Personally, if I didn’t already have a kickin’ Swift bag, I’d be scooping one of these up. The details are incredibly well thought out and that multicam fabric is a no-brainer.

Head over to Ocean Air to check out the Docena Demi-Porteur Bag pre-order!

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    that camo would sure go with your dark matte green geekhouse. next thing you know…your in the bush for too long and you’ve gone all “the deer hunter” !!! :D ….wait a sec….. O.O

  • Geoffrey

    To clarify – not really a shop, more of an online brand/business.

  • Smashing Maps

    Rob does some great stuff. Gin blog to follow as well. That man’s got a great mobile coffee set up.