Why Not be the Stupid Jensie? Sep 30, 2014

Jens, it’s been real and I’m stoked for you! You really have revitalized this event.

  • Chrue


  • Scott

    I don’t want to diminish Jens’ phenomenal performance in any way, but I just can’t help being adverse to the new rule change. Competing on a “classic” style track bike helped create an equal measure for riders past and present. I’m not just hating on new technology and realize that it is a vital thing… But cycling is a sport steeped in so much history and tradition, racing against current rivals as well as those from bygone eras made the hour record a really romantic event in that regard.
    The way I see it, this would be like the IOC shortening pools, tracks etc. just so more olympic records are set. Why not make ball diamonds smaller so players hit more home runs?

    Thats my rant. I’m not a racer so I suppose none of this is really of any consequence to me. Watching the attempt I really was stoked for Jens. Someone had to do it so I’m at least glad it was him, and hey, anything that brings attention to cycling can’t be all bad I suppose.

  • JPspin

    I personally think they should continue both the modern and classic hour. Both are relevant in their own way and there seems to be interest from racers in both. Would the UCI go for that? Probably not, but would be awsome to make individual records worth chasing.

  • Francesco Boninsegna

    For how much I may like Jens, this is pretty ridiculous. Rominger did over 55 km with similar equipment. That should be the record. This is just marketing!