SOLD OUT: Radavist Rune Stem Cap Sep 16, 2014


Back by popular demand! Also, if I owe you caps, please email me again!

Let the raidō rune point you in which ever way your ride or journey takes you. These RADAVIST Rune top caps come in black only and are $12 shipped worldwide a piece. Made by Kustom Caps in the US of A.

Sorry, SOLD OUT.

  • dancakes


  • Matt

    back by popular demand and sold out in a matter of hours

  • Garrett Olsen

    More! More!

  • Tom Galbraith

    Please, sir, can we have some more.

  • cd

    Hi John,
    Still haven’t received my cap after over 2 months. I tried to email you several times but you prolly get tons of emails. Just delete this after you read it thanks.
    -chris deguzman