Stanridge Speed: Katie Arnold’s New Cyclocross Complete Sep 9, 2014


Hopefully I can track down Katie before cross vegas to shoot this bike because it looks great. Thanks to Adam from Stanridge for sending this one over…

  • Richard Smith

    So how does that bar tape work?

    • AdamEldridge

      Ha! Two bikes. Blue is the A bike. Red is the B bike. :)

    • tkruse

      A/B bikes! Gotta have your pit bike.

      • also makes the photoshoot easier

    • Andy Brown


  • Joao E. R. Bola

    wait a second… that bar tape is playing tricks on us!

  • Zach Kahl

    Track her down afterwards, because that bike would look real sexy muddy.

  • Andy Brown

    Can someone give her an award for the most team changes ever!

  • Max

    Sorry, but this really doesn’t work at all with the large headtube and phat carbon fork next to the skinny steel tubing. I know that’s the way things are trending, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere… I like the oversized chainstay though

    • Jamie McKeon