Shaun Palmer Coming Home Sep 2, 2014

When Shaun Palmer lost the ’96 World Championships by a 1/15th of a second, sending his life into disarray. This introspective piece barely scratches the surface at the inner struggles pro athletes deal with each time they race. As Shaun finds, sometimes, the ride is more important than the win and now he’s returning to ride for Intense.

  • KT

    man I miss seeing this guy race. Such a rockstar. Glad to see he’s back.

  • Rasmus Riemann

    Cute, what’s up with the hat?

  • Ornotbike

    Remember when he was a pro snowboarder and he had that bozo haircut? Wackballs.

  • awesometown

    This is amazing! 15 year old me just crumpled the latest issue of Mountain Bike Action out of uncontrollable joy.

  • ??

    It’s really possible to take yourself that seriously, huh.

  • jonesyh

    reading a post on pinkbike, it’s said he will be mentoring a development team – will be interesting to see how that shapes up!