The Road to Interbike with Acre: Sequoia Shred Sess

The Sequoias. If you’ve ever been to the Redwoods, then you know how humbling of a sensation it is, walking, driving or riding through them. Now, imagine trees of that size, growing at 8,000′ elevation.

On our ride to Interbike with Acre and Mission Workshop, we found ourselves in proximity to Camp Nelson, smack in the midst of the Sequoia Nat’l Forest. Ty had ridden a few trails here before, so he pushed for us to spend the afternoon picking lines in the pine needles.

MTB mileage is nothing to note, but Bear Creek is a great climb!

It was insane. Insanely steep, insanely loose and insanely fun. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun on a MTB in a long, long, time. Until Kyle hurt himself…

  • Sage Brown

    Great set!

  • Lee Wassilie

    that TT bike looks like it’d leave you feeling pretty smashed up

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    This is what it’s all about!

  • Ham Sandwich

    sup with that rosko. you should probably blog about it.

  • tb

    How tall is Ty and what size is that Bronson? Dude can ride! Nice pics BTW.

    • Tytanium

      I am about 6-2 and it is an XL

      • AttackCowboy

        Would you consider doing a Radavist post about the bike sorta like John did with the Tallboy LT? From the photos I’ve seen, you’ve been on some sweet adventures with it and I’d like to hear your thoughts on the bike.

        • Tytanium

          Sounds like a good idea to me…..

  • Mark Reimer

    These are some of my favourite photos you’ve posted, looks like such a bad ass ride and a super good time. Time to get out there!

  • Andrew Martinek

    Hey Ty what shorts are those you’re wearing?

    • Acre / mission workshop

    • Tytanium

      They are the Acre Supply Traverse shorts

      • quesofrito

        Hey Ty, would be cooler if you weren’t wearing shorts.

  • mp

    Looked like a classic endo. Heal up Kyle… it’s no fun getting hurt!

  • Agleck7

    Looks like Kyle got bucked pretty bad. Is a dropper on the agenda now?

  • Thanks for the invite! @johnprolly:disqus

  • Matthew Mead

    Do a features on Kyles bike. TAN WALLS FTW

  • Harry

    Love the short rear end and tight clearance on the Rosko! #Braaap

  • Nagaredama

    Great trails up there, you should ride the Cannell Plunge.

  • Jack Johnson

    that ty dude can handle a bike…

  • From what I’ve seen from your photo sets, Ty always fucking shreds, dude looks like he has handling skills for days. Amazing gallery though man, love it.

    • It can quickly turn into the “Ty show” for sure. He’s inspiring to watch!