On the Road to Interbike in a 1970 VW Bus

This time of year, as warm days are fading, timing is crucial for road trips. As Interbike approached, Mission Workshop / Acre had discussed doing a bit of a photo story with Golden Saddle Cyclery, myself and Sean from Team Dream, who would bring his 1970 VW bus along. We’d shoot instant film from the Impossible Project and document the journey.

Like all trips, things don’t adhere to any schedule, or plan, or route. We knew what we wanted to do and ensured we’d get in at least one ride – more on that later. Since the van was going into the Mission / Acre booth, we had to be in town this morning. After a few hiccups, we made it and most importantly, so did the van with all our stuff!

I’ll have photos from us shredding in the Sequoias shortly, but for now, let’s look at some end of summer car camping photos. Road tripping with three of your friends is the best.

  • charlesojones

    What year is the bus?

    • charlesojones

      never mind – I see it now.

  • Powell

    damn, looks like fun…

  • AidanNW

    Man, this road trip looks so fun!

    In photo six, what are those pull on boots!? They’re really nice looking, who makes them!??

    • boomforeal

      pretty sure those are blundstones (sp?)

      • AidanNW

        Those have the silhouette of bloodstones sort of , but the boots in the photo have what appear to be a welted construction. Blundstones have soles that are bonded and glued on, not welted.

    • They’re Danner boots

  • #32 is amazing!

  • Jon

    what in the hell are those maxxis ardents? I want some…