Post Interbike Cleanse in Shredona

The desert is a destination for many, who seek its healing potential and spiritual homeostasis. For us, we just wanted the red sands of Sedona, Arizona to cleanse us from Las Vegas and Interbike.

When I mentioned to Ty that Sean and I were driving back to Texas after the tradeshow, he was stoked for us. Then, when I said “yeah, I’m thinking we’ll head through Sedona for a quick ride”, he immediately wanted in.

That’s why I love Ty so much. Hell, that’s why I love my friends so much. They’re willing to go 7 hours out of their way to ride bikes for 3 hours. Ok, ride bikes for 2 hours and shoot photos, fuck off, play with snakes for an hour.

We rolled into town and couldn’t find an open camp site, so we set up at a hotel next to the Bike and Bean, a local MTB establishment at the trailhead. The guys were super friendly and then, out of the blue, a local named Duff asked us if he could join us. Uh, sure!

It turned out to be a short, but sweet trek through the desert and I’ll definitely be returning!

  • Sedona is great. Shredded here for the first time last spring and can’t wait to go back. The guys at Bike & Bean are rad as well… hooked us up with some sweet trail/camp beta. There’s some great camping up in West Sedona not too far from some of the older Sedona classics like Chuckwagon and the Dry Creek area. I’m confident that Moab’s recent trail explosion is a result of the town losing tourism dollars to places like Sedona and Fruita who are building next-level trail networks that are attracting more and more riders. Check out my Sedona trip report w/ photos over at

  • Goog Smells

    How is Ty so nasty tho?

  • that BMX background comes in handy

  • mywynne

    Ty’s shoes… I would kill in cold (ox)blood for that colourway…

    The rest is rad too, I guess

    • He sharpied over the bright orange ones I have!

      • mywynne

        Holy crap, I assumed you were joking but nope, I see it. Ridiculous and rad! Also, dang, this gives me some ideas…

  • Isaac Moerke

    Great write up. glad you enjoyed Sedna. I try to make it up there a few times during the summer to get away from the Phoenix heat.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    I want my MTB(abes)!

  • I visited my uncle in Sedona with my mom when I was twelve. I made her take me to Bike and Bean to rent bikes and go for a ride. We followed a similar route. My mom is a trooper, to this day she still talks about how much it hurts to crash on the rock…