The Poler Rainbro Kit by Castelli Sep 23, 2014




The Poler “Rainbro” kit is now up for pre-order in Castelli’s web store. Look, this kit is loud and while you’ll surely get plenty of odd commentary, I still like it, especially for a cross race. Head over to Castelli to pre-order now, for a November 17th(ish) delivery.

  • DougHan

    more fuzzy camo.

  • Ham Sandwich

    oh theres that rosko again. you’re a dick. tell us about it.

    you know what, nevermind. already over it.

    • ha! In due time. I want to put the Guide brakes on it first…

  • IR

    What about another poler kit I saw teased? Any word on that? It looked black with orange accents…

    • It’s black with the pine cones and needles pattern in orange.

    • Keith Gibson

      This is the one

  • Hugo van Doorn

    This looks weird an awesome at the same time! I have a shower curtain from ikea with nearly the same pattern/colors. Always wanted to ride in my shower curtain :)

  • Input on sizing compared to Rapha would be helpful, thanks :)

    • Fits like the Pro Team apparel. I wear a L in Rapha pro team and L in Endo and L in Castelli.

      • Thanks for the reply :) Glad to hear the fit is like the Pro Team line.

  • Spiff

    What about a poler “rainsistah” version? (women’s sizing?)