Party Times at the 2014 Cross Vegas

Cross Vegas is the official kick-off for American cyclocross season, in my opinion anyway. It’s raucous, rowdy and best of all, FUN! The highlight of the evening for me is the Wheelers and Dealers event where industry reps and shop peeps battle head to head for a place on the podium next to Craig Etheridge – who wins every year.

The crowd loves it. Everyone’s doing handups, toss ups, spraying beer, hecking and this year, like it does every year, it carried on well into the UCI race. This year’s event drew big names like Lars van der Haar and Sven Nys – maybe you’ve heard of them? At any rate, these pros had an introduction to the party time that is Cross Vegas and yes, things got out of hand.

Thanks to everyone who hung out and made the evening an enjoyable one!

  • Joe

    I have to get to Cross Vegas one day, stayed up till 2:00 watching it last night. If anyone else is curious about that All-City Nature Boy Disc 853 like I was, you can find all the info over at the All-City Blog:

  • barry mcwilliams

    Lots of good LA peeps in the house. And lots of 1×11’s on the course, it looks like. I gotta get there one year. Wonder if any bike companies need a sketch journalist?

  • aradilon

    As a Belgian, i had to see the livestream (first time this was streamed) and i loved it although it was 5:15am! BUT it’s lame that a few guys trew beer on the riders, Lars even said that it makes him think if he should come back next year. Also the weird thing about Nys (lives only 10k from me btw) winning or not was a badpoint about the jury they should have taken him out of the race if he really did take that bottle.

    • I totally understand. Cross racing in the USA is a bit rowdy, especially compared to the Flemish races and Cross Vegas is rowdier.

      In Paris Roubaix, people throw beer if you’re not in the front group – but they’re doing it as a sign of disrespect, not out of being stoked on the race.

      • spencerhaugh

        so, are we trying to replicate that behavior? outdo it? idgi.

      • grayson

        So I guess if you don’t want to get sprayed by beer, don’t race bikes.

        • David

          Was trying to figure out the logic in this myself, but I realized it’s cool because people had the PMA and weren’t negative. And we’re in America. So it’s totally fine. I hope someone sprays me this weekend so I can thank them for having fun at my expense.

    • The cross in Belgium (and the Netherlands) is a huge festival, but the beer stays away from the pro’s.. Or else you get the world champion after you!

      • Samuel Lopez

        Showers breh… its only beer.

      • Jesse

        I threw a beer at a colleague of mine here while he was typing up his monthly progress report…it went about the same as this video. He wasn’t happy.

  • Rasmus Riemann

    I’m in love with Katie Compton, it’s official.

  • Damon Bowe

    what’d you shoot with at night?

  • Peter Koch

    What camera were these taken on? And lens?

  • jbkenney

    A State cross bike??

  • Guys, I’m closing this thread, due to a flood of shitty comments, directed at me and I’ve had my fill of it. Apologies but I don’t think there’s anything else to be said here. People threw beer, it upset some racers and I shot photos. I’m not justifying behavior anymore. I won’t apologize for documenting the race, but I shouldn’t and won’t justify anyone’s actions.