NPR’s Story on the Made in the USA SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump Sep 29, 2014


So… what makes a bike pump worth $450? NPR dives into the story on how Silca moved their production to Indianapolis. Listen to the story at NPR and yes, I totally bought one. Ok, I lied, I put it on my credit card.

Is it really worth it? I mean, it’s a pump, but it’s a damn nice pump and it looks great holding down the tiles in my office. Functionality considered, it’s got an impressive amount of machining, akin to a luxury sportswatch and if it means Silca might one day make a $100 USA-made floor pump, I’m all for supporting this industry.

Side note: I’m really enjoying my new photo studio…

  • mywynne

    But is going to be your everyday pump, or more for show?

    • Everyday!

      • mywynne

        That’s what I like to hear! Maybe I can convince my partner to let me get one… after I clear the newest frameset, of course…

      • Ultra_Orange

        Flight Attendant: Um Mr Watson we need you to check your pump and some people have complained about the erotic stroking of said pump.

  • campirecord

    I bought a couple of pumps over the last 20 years. I have two right now, the joe blow (or something blow with a mod Silca race valve) and a really fancy machined one paid 180$ for it. Every time I pump air with my fancy pump, I’m reminded what craftsmanship is all about but most of all, how often I reach out for my fancy pump and just admire how smooth it is to ramp up the PSI. A pump is by far, the most used tool in the shop. I don’t see this any different that a good watch. At your age, you will keep this pump forever, change a part here and there, and fancy bringing it back to its original spec in no time or even give it away to a loved one when they get a new house or clean the “old man’s garage”. 450$ over 20 years is about not filling trash with a cheap pump. How often do folks change their phones ?

    • There’s an article in the new Peloton about this pump. Something along the lines of it has more pure cost of goods tied to this product than carbon rims, which people will gladly pay thousands of dollars for, only to race a season or two.

      • Ultra_Orange

        See you’ve almost convinced me, honestly! But it’s such a hard sell to someone like me that builds bike that cost less. I’m not cheap, I’m just always broke. But if I could, I totally would and I’d sleep with it every night.

        I am interested to see if they release a farm pump again, one that perhaps fits in the place my silca fits?

  • james

    My air compressor costs less –

  • james

    But I totally want one!

  • schue113

    Don’t bat an eye when a crappy Assos Shaq(WTF? seriously?) jacket goes for almost as much.

  • xianec

    If you have a $10K-15K race bike + who knows what else in your quiver of rides and wheels, why not have a $450 pump? Cycling is very expensive at the higher end but I’ll pay for quality and this pump appears to be exceedingly high quality.

  • Carlos

    It is only me, or anybody else thinks that this is not a Silca pump? I am still using the Silca that I bought more than 20 years ago for 6.000 pesetas (about $40, pretty expensive for a pump at this time). It is a very well made tool but nothing fancy.

  • Jesse

    My mechanic pumps up my tires. Not sure what kind of pump he uses.