Neko Mulally’s Bad Luck 13 Sep 15, 2014

Neko snapped his chain, right out of the gate and still pulled off one of the best times of the day at the UCI Downhill WC, landing him in 4th place overall. All this kinda makes that bad luck 13 number suddenly seem quite lucky. I can’t stop watching this.

Thanks for sharing this video, Neil!

  • Maxwell Merkle

    I love how excited Rob Warner gets. If you like this you’d love the 2011 WC (Danny Hart’s) winning run.

    • Oh, Danny Hart’s run is iconic!

    • Brizzy

      Best part for me was how they couldn’t stop talking about it for the next several runs. Made for such an exciting broadcast to hear them go crazy every time someone finished and didn’t knock Neko off the hot seat.