Mash SF: Chas on Vermont Street Sep 6, 2014

Yes! I love these short, but sweet videos Mash is putting out. Hey Chas! Looking great guys!

  • Alex Hillis

    Daaaamn that twisty street always scares the crap out of me when I go down it on my road bike. Terrible road surface and I’d never want to do it on a track bike Props.

  • AidanNW

    While I appreciate proper bike handling skills, I find videos like this infuriating. Cyclists like Chas and the other MASH SF people who keep ride like maniacs, cut people off, blow through stops and lights and just generally have a disregard for the safety of others make all cyclists look bad.

    If someone was riding a motorcycle or driving a car like the MASH SF folks are riding their bikes, then wouldn’t we all be up in arms?

    • keepridinghard

      I love how every Mash video in the last five years has drawn out this sentiment.

    • Jake Kruse
    • Tommaso Gomez

      Nope. We would all be up in arms about reckless motorcyclists and drivers because motorcycles (500lbs) and cars (3500lbs) can endanger OTHER people. Chas, on his 20lb whip, is taking responsibility for his own actions. When is the last time a cyclist killed someone?

      • AidanNW

        It doesn’t take much to seriously injure someone. Obviously a moto or car can cause more damage; but a person on a bike can cause a lot of damage as well. Look as the damage that football players do to each other from just running into each other.

        When is the last time a cyclist killed someone? It happens more than you think. I have the stats available to back it up.

        heck, even last month here in Vancouver, BC a woman was hit by a cyclist on the seawall going way too fast (it’s a narrow divided pedestrian pathway with a ton of blind corners) and she fell of a ledge and broke her back – she was almost paralyzed.

        Here is a story of a SF cyclist who was bombing hills and killed a pedestrian:

        A simple google search will reveal a ton of stories about careless and reckless cyclists who hit pedestrians often leading them with serious injuries or death.

        I hate to be a downer, but glorifying reckless behaviour such as what the MASH SF riders often do, is wrong.

        We need to be responsible on the road, wether we are in cars, on motorcycles or on bicycles.

        • Tommaso Gomez

          We don’t need laws to enforce common sense and judgement for activities that have no bearing on anyone else. In England (a cycling-heavy country with 53 million inhabitants), cyclist killed 23 pedestrians over the last decade, while automobile drivers killed 3300 pedestrians. Cyclists pose no significant threat to pedestrians anywhere. The average person is more likely to die having consensual sex or flying with Malaysia Airlines.


          • Christopher Plaskett

            Second line of the article you linked:

            ‘Cyclists are almost as likely as drivers to cause serious injury to pedestrians, analysis of official figures shows.’

          • Tommaso Gomez

            That statistic is per km/mile traveled, which is misleading. In absolute terms, automobiles cover 12,000 miles per year and greatly outnumber bicycles.

            Look, if cyclists really posed a significant danger to pedestrians, cities would require registration of bicycles with license plates. Thankfully, I’m not aware of any city that does that. In NYC, any minor traffic citations for cyclists are basically unenforceable – you don’t have to carry or show ID to the cops. Just make up a name and address and act clueless. The whole city knows that and it’s kind of a joke

          • Christopher Plaskett

            When was the last time you were in NYC? They’re ticketing cyclists like crazy these days.

          • Tommaso Gomez

            July. And yes they are ticketing cyclists aggressively, but again, it’s only for show and totally unenforceable. The NYPD will cut you a ticket with an unverified name and address, and then get back to their regular business of harassing black people.

      • Christopher Plaskett

        It’s been about a month since a cyclist in NYC killed a pedestrian, and I’m sure that’s not the ‘last time’ it happened.

        • Tommaso Gomez

          Well, 8+ million pedestrians in NYC managed to avoid getting killed by these menacing cyclists every day. These isolated incidents involving elderly people do not warrant a police crackdown on cyclists or j-walkers. Just use your common sense, be alert, and know your limits.

          • Christopher Plaskett

            Elderly, yes, but the man who was killed in Central Park, Irving Schachter, was training for a marathon (and also an avid cyclist himself). I can’t say it better than Hildy Schachter — his wife:

            ‘… This short message also should remind folks of the cyclist’s dual nature. Many of us see cyclists as potential victims of cars. And we are. The city still needs to do much more to secure our safety on Manhattan’s streets. To that end we should support the many Transportation Alternative campaigns.

            But we are also potential predators. One careless move on a bike and we can take down a runner, a walker, a child skipping along. As we want car drivers to be alert to our rights, so too we must act to protect the rights of other people.’

  • Killer track. Wicked hills.

  • schue113

    Thank God for riders like Chas. I’d have died of boredom if MASH and MACAFRAMA weren’t around to inspire me. If you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it!