Many Miles Sep 24, 2014




Three things can make all the difference on your ride: tires, bar tape and your saddle. This bike in particular is about as dialed as they get, both in aesthetics and comfort. Out of all my bikes, I gotta say, the Woodville has the most character and I’ve been enjoying each of the three aforementioned choices so far.

Easton’s bar tape, Bruce Gordon Rock n Road tires and the Brooks Cambium C15.

As a side note, I’m not sure what spawned this, other than I’m trying out a makeshift studio in my office. If anyone has experiences mixing a B1 500 TTL strobe with speedlights, I’d love to hear from you! I’m using the Air remote.

Once I get these photos dialed in, maybe I’ll post a photoset. For now, here are three detailed shots I’m stoked on.

  • Diggin’ the shots, excited to see what comes of studio lyfe

  • I am by no means a photographer but I am a professional commercial artist and these look pretty spot on.

  • Still my favourite radmobile!

  • PNT

    waiting for more!

  • Matthew Mead

    Need to fire light into the background to make it pure white

    • Yeah, I’ve only got one light right now…

      • Tom

        IMO it looks nicer not being on pure white. Less stark. Nice photos, awesome bike. Those tires look so good.

  • Jamie McKeon

    wish someone sold those rock n roads down under, if anyone knows someone, give us a yell

    • Holler at me. I’ll send ya a pair.

      • Jamie McKeon

        rad. sent you an email xo

    • Todd Palmer

      Commuter Cycles sell them.

    • fitzy6669

      They sent me a set to australia through their website. Just have to email them and deposit some cask into their PayPal account

  • Andrew Gardner

    Which pump is shown?

  • Dan Shust

    That is dialed. (and the photos look great!) Who makes the tool roll?

    • Yanco + Tracko. They have them on Golden Saddle Cyclery sometimes. But they go fast!

      • Dan Shust

        Thanks Tucker.

  • adam

    what seat bag is that? So much want

  • Noel Smith

    How do find the C15 compared to the C17? I tried the C17 and it was the most uncomfortable POS I’ve ever ridden..

  • Nick Cantrell

    What are you attempting to do with the light setup? I used to do multi light studio work for a furniture company.