Manual For Speed does Vegas Sep 15, 2014



There are some weird, strange places on the internet and Manual for Speed is one of them. Not many media outlets can tackle Las Vegas into submission, but these two put out a damn good effort. See the Las Vegas Red Carpet post and the Cross Vegas coverage at Manual for Speed.

Also, surely you can see the difference between Daniel and I, right?

  • quesofrito

    I told Sven I had to redo this photo because #doublechin and #bodyimage. He agreed. The next one was out of focus. So this one had to run.

    • Greg Ralich

      yer beautiful #bodypositivity #yeswecan

  • Chris Valente

    When are the MFS x Castelli Team Issue Short Shorts being released?

    • quesofrito

      SUCH a good idea. For now, you can purchase your #kasual shorts from Outlier. That’s the program we’re running, obv.

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Daniel looks like he is rocking some Chubbies brand shorts….my new personal favs #ifyougotitflauntit

    • Nah, Outlier shorts. Oh and he got it alright…

      • Bradley Tompkins

        THEY ARE SOLD OUT!!! Damn! Sharp looking shorts.

  • Hollis Duncan

    GoPro on a stick FTW