Majaco True Temper Road

It’s been a while since I’ve shot a bike from Mark Majaco‘s shop here in Austin. Four years if I count correctly. In that time, we’ve both finely tuned our art. Well, I can speak for Mark anyway. This True Temper road bike is heading to the Philly Bike Expo and is a prime example of what Mark describes as a straight-forward, fillet brazed road frameset.

Built, painted and assembled in Austin, TX, these frames run under $2,000. Paired with Ultegra and you’ve got one solid machine…

  • mywynne

    Really really clean. It just looks so… smooth all around.

  • Powell

    Are spacers above the stem not necessary anymore for carbon steer tubes?

  • Tom

    Gorgeous. Love the look of the thin stay ends/hooded dropouts look with that paint scheme. Veloflex masters are so good.

  • Peggers

    font and headtube badge reminds me of peg. nice bike

  • Hollis Duncan

    The thirsty size Radavist bottles look customized for this build and hard ano H Plus Sons jive with Ultegra. Beautiful; lets the frame shine.

  • ap

    just perfect.

  • Ace Carretero

    Logo reminiscent of Dru Hill.

  • Olj

    I’m sure this Cat’s tyres are backwards…

  • Thomas David Slater

    one of the nicest bikes ever!

  • Andrew Hopton

    I really think this is the sweet spot in the market. Small frame builders selling at a fair price. Really nice build.

  • Dan Ling

    What rims are those?