Majaco Singlespeed Cross Bike with White Industries

What I said yesterday about Austin seeping with cross bikes stands true and I haven’t even begun to cover them. Mark from Majaco recently built up this sick singlespeed cross bike from True Temper OX Plat, specifically for the forthcoming Philly Bike Expo. His component choice is well thought out, putting the extra money where it counts and maintaining the aesthetics throughout.

Case in point: White Industries cranks and freewheel with Surly hubs. He then went with Paul and Thomson, resulting in a frame that by my judgement, weighs in around 16 or 17 lbs. It’s incredibly light!

I love the classic red to white livery and stainless head badge. For those interested in a similar frame, expect a pricepoint around $1400 for standard geometry or $1750 for fully custom.

  • Adam Johnston


  • martinr

    eh one!

  • Jack Luke

    That ‘gusset’ on the rear cable hanger is absolutely super. That and the clean fillets alongside the fade paint job. Gee wizz, what a bike!

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    I’m totally backing this build. As a man of little means, surly hubs are bomb proof and I have never had an issue on my ss mtb. I can’t wait to see this in person at the Philly Bike Expo next month.

  • 42×18?

  • Rimbaud

    Love the quality gallery and the bike! I’ll second that the cable hanger gusset is outstanding. I’m not overly fond of canti brakes (lived with them for many, many years), but they sure add to the aesthetics.

  • michaelvsShark

    That rear cable hanger is like a shark fin on this beast.

    I also don’t really understand the advantages of a splined crankset. I’m doing my own research but appreciate anyone’s input.

    • Tom

      While you are tied to White Industries rings (although Boone and HBC used to make ENO splined titanium rings), they work really well. I’ve found the tolerances great and the splines are very true to the center of the ring. There is no fiddling with chainring bolts to get the ring on perfectly. Less noticed on a geared bike, but on an SS bike, I like to avoid the tension constantly changing throughout the pedal stroke. One less thing to deal with. These are my go-to SS cranks. It would be cool to see WI release a ring with a tooth profile suited for better chain retention for use with 1x# setups.

  • GioFio

    Oh the temptation to go SSCX…

  • Alex Steinker

    Sensible. I love it. Has that built from the “parts bin” vibe to it.