Made in the USA 40th Anniversary Specialized Allez to be Auctioned for WBR on September 8th Sep 1, 2014



This looks so good. Here’s the scoop:

“Specialized Bicycles has been lucky to serve the greater cycling community by striving to produce products that and inspire to improve riders lives for 40 years. In the year of our 40th anniversary we simply want to say ‘thank you’ to the riders and give back to one of the best bicycle charities, World Bicycle Relief (WBR).”


To celebrate, we are revisiting the Steel Allez and sending 100 percent of the proceeds to the WBR.

Working with Mark DiNucci, one of our original frame builders at Specialized whose bikes still win global recognition and awards, we wanted to rethink the steel frame from the ground up. The Allez is one of the bikes that started it all for us and in 1981 and stood for the best technology a rider could get. It was part of the very foundation of all of the bikes we have built since.

For this ONE-TIME-ONLY run of 74 Frames, every tube, lug, and braze-on has been examined through fresh eyes. “Every lesson we have learned over the last 40 years has been applied to create a totally new and totally modern steel frame” said Bryant Bainbridge, R&D manager for Specialized in the 80s, “Keeping with the 40th theme, we will build the 40th Anniversary Allez in the very factory that created the first Stumpjumper, a factory that continues to produce some of the finest handmade bikes in the world.”

To sell the frame set, we have also partnered with Ebay’s Giving Works. This division of Ebay has one of the largest global reaches of any charitable organization and works with the trusted on-line payment solution, Paypal. Through the use of these tools, we will be able to ensure all proceeds go directly to supporting the fantastic work of WBR.

This is not a commercial product and once the 74 frames have been sold we will not ever produce them again. Once a rider completes payment for the frame, it will be shipped in its presentation box to the Specialized Dealer of their choice and not opened until it reaches the owner’s hands.

Auction starts September 8th on eBay.

  • Jack

    A perfect mix of old and new.

  • Adam Johnston


  • Smashing Maps

    Awesome bike. I still have my dad’s Allez from ’89 and most of the original 105 parts.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Money, you are a cold hard bitch that I find so elusive.

  • Spokesniffer

    Fabulous bike but made in Japan at the original Stumpjumper facility, not in the USA

    • “Working with Mark DiNucci”

      • bluntastic

        “Made in the USA…”
        First four words of your title for the article.

        • DiNucci makes frames in the USA…

          • bluntastic

            Yes, we agree on that.

            The frames are designed by DiNucci, but they are not MUSA, which is what Spokesniffer was getting at. A DiNucci frame is MUSA. These are not built by DiNucci. The 40th ann frames are made in Japan.

          • bluntastic

            Clarification: the bike pictured WAS made by DiNucci, in the USA, but the actual limited edition Allez frames are not. More of a, “Designed by the Man, assembled by people he trusts” situation.

          • Yeah, I was told this was made by DiNucci and the run was as well… my bad.

          • bluntastic

            No sweat, it happens to all of us.

  • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

    I know this is a super old post, but I saw Erik Nohlin built up a murdered out Rando and I got sucked into an internet rabbit hole, I was wondering if you had seen it John, Cheers brother.