Hog Trails and Dirt Roads in Kauai

Hawaii is a haven for cycling. From Mauna Kea on Hawaii to MTB trails on Kona, this archipelago has it all. One island you mustn’t overlook however is Kaua’i. I’ve already touched on a few points here on the Radavist. Including Kaua’i Cycle and a few random photos from a quick cross ride I did, so let me further expand on those.

Chris and Jonny from Kauai Cycle take to the woods when they can on their mountain bikes. In the drier months, hog trails open up to form a dense network of singletrack. Other service roads open up, as the plant life withers and thins out, but right now, in the middle of summer, everything is overgrown.

While visiting Lauren’s parents, I brought my cross bike and ventured into the woods with Chris and Jonny, not knowing what to expect. I was promised “Jurassic Park” landscapes, a swimming hole and lots of ripping down dirt, well, mud roads on the island. We did 45 miles and around 3,300′. More than enough to leave your legs and shred sled, sated.

If you ever find yourself heading out to this island, do not leave your bike at home!

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  • Just a little tip though… stay cautious on the roads of Oahu. While the south and east side may be somewhat okay, I live on the north shore and it’s not so great here and on the west side. I’ve been ran off the road intentionally more than a few times, have had cans and cups thrown at me, not to mention all the honking and yelling. I think it’s just a matter of education, and as there are more cyclist and cycling events people are becoming more aware. However, it’s not there yet. I don’t know about Kauai, but it’s safer in the hills here (unless you come across a ‘farm’).

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    I hope had a Puka Dog while in Kauai. Best hot dog ever…