Golden Saddle Rides: Yeti Pro F.R.O (For Rockin’ Only!)

Golden Saddle Rides: Yeti Pro F.R.O (For Rockin’ Only!)
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

This bike is pretty damn old and you’d think that the stem and fork were too, but they’re not. Anybody wanna try and guess who built them?

Everything else on the bike is very period correct, my favorite part is the NOS Onza Racing Porcs though. Those guys are probably the best looking tires ever made!

The owner of this bike is probably one of the funnest customers to work with here at Golden Saddle Cyclery, because all the bikes we build for him are BANGERS!


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  • mr. apodaca APODACA

    what’s a “banger”..?

    • Really really really really jammin’ things and such.

    • Kyle Kelley

      Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

  • Chuck Erickson

    I remember having Porks in high school. Kind of like wearing your turf cleats to school because you only get one pair of shoes. Great off road but sub-par for riding on asphalt.

  • Marcos

    Its a form of sausage

  • Hubert d’Autremont
    • Yeeeeeee

      • Hubert d’Autremont

        Do I win a prize?!?!
        Just kiding. Super nice guy.
        Just recently built myself an FTW dog walker. So fun!

    • Kyle Kelley


  • boomforeal


  • I said goddam!

  • Tom

    Love that illustrated headtube graphic. There is all sorts of cool graphics from earlier eras of mountain biking, like the Kona spiral and the K hiding in the jungle. Miss that!

  • James Norman Woodley

    I love the slow ano reveal.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    L O V E this one!

  • Kevin Ehman

    would give first born to shred this slice of perfection

  • pszabo

    who made those brakes?

  • Michael Angstead

    I’m refurbing my Yeti Ultimate (SLO built). Still have the original stem and fork, which I’ll insall with an NOS 1-1/4 XTR HS!
    No Porcs though. Anyone old enough to remember Farmer Johns? :)