Firefly Bicycles: Painted Ti Road Sep 18, 2014



It’s not everyday you see a Firefly completely painted, especially in a bright cobalt blue. This one’s special and you should really check out all the details at the Firefly Flickr!

  • Leslie

    I am absolutely in love with this bicycle. Firefly is just, wow.

    • UWhad7531

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  • Hollis Duncan

    Paint or full ano frame? I love that she’s parked 53×11 ; )

    • FireFly

      Paint by B Mac Paint Works (Billy MacDonald :: Former head painter at Serotta)

    • Andy Moore

      Sur la plaque!

  • Datty R

    That is one of the most beautiful bikes I’ve seen in a long time.

  • mr. apodaca APODACA

    where’s the battery?

    • FireFly

      The battery is under the seat mast top.

  • D0rk

    While I don’t think I would ever willingly have a Firefly painted if I was ordering it for myself (that colored ano process is beautiful enough on raw Ti), that is an amazingly good looking Firefly.

  • ABW

    @disqus_pphLoEbcqd:disqus – don’t you guys get sick of perfection?