You Had Me at Bikes and Bourbon Sep 12, 2014

In the wake of #CrossGate2014, Tim Johnson sent this over. Thanks for sharing buddy!

  • Corey Dineen

    I’ve done the bourbon trail in the past (on a year-long road trip across the country) and it was some of the best days that I had east of the Mississippi. Great place to spend a couple days.

    • Adam Miller

      I might have a hard time doing the trail, because I just wouldn’t want to leave Louisville.

      That being said, I talked to a guy who did a tour of the Woodford Reserve distillery and the Four Roses distillery:

      “Woodford gives you … about 4 – 6 oz. on the tour. Four Roses … three times that. They give you a sample of their bottom, mid-, and top-end stuff. And then, when you’re pretty well toasted, they try to sell you a cask: ‘it’s only $10,000 …'”

  • Doris

    Walking thru breweries in super hero outfits and sidi stilettos dripping sweat sounds super fun.

  • onelegmatt

    Ugh. Vimeo.