Berruti Sep 15, 2014

I met Luciano Berruti at the L’eroica Britannia and I couldn’t get over how rad he is. Seriously, mind blown…

  • kermitonwheels

    Fantastic! His passion is infectious.

  • Phil Dubé

    Luciano is the best.. I met him at my first Eroica when he was greeting person people coming off the long course. Since then, he’s recognized me of a few occasions which always surprises. Always stops to say hello and share another crazy story to make you love the old bikes and the guys who rode them. At Britannia earlier this summer, he shared how he still loves to ride cyclocross races in his early seventies after I’d seen him throw his eighty year bike over his shoulder on the course and run by a bunch of people walking down a steep bank of grass… Mind blown indeed.