That Was Such an Amazing Road Trip Sep 25, 2014



I finally got all my film back from the #RadGoldenDream road trip that Golden Saddle, Team Dream and I went on. These two photos are some of my favorites and best represent the vibes on the road.

  • geoff.tewierik

    That rack from Yakima is so good, I have two.

  • JongSlaughter

    poler-supplying aging “outdoorsy” hipsters all the china made crap they can handle

    • Jamie McKeon


    • Awhhhhh you’re special.

    • I aspire to be an ageing outdoorsy hipster, looks like a blast.

      • I think it’s a funny comment, too. Especially since Ty is probably more legitimately “outdoorsy” than anyone reading this site. Just look at his Instagram account.

        • JongSlaughter


          I’m gonna have to get that AP on my phone to really see what is going on OUTSIDE!!

          The remark was about POLER-they make crap. And our last trip to J Tree included cleaning up after a campsite full of beanie wearing bearded 20 somethings flying their poler flag. They left behind 12 pack boxes, plastic bags filled with dog shit and of course cig butts by the hundreds everywhere. BUT they did have a really groovy old piece of shit jeep that also shit oil all over the place! come to think of it they were on their phones every time we went by their camp-maybe that is “instagram” ??

          • Dude. Lighten up. I can make broad generalizations about anyone or anything, doesn’t mean you have to talk shit about my friends. Ease off the cynicism.

  • Robbie

    Where do you send your film for development?