Al’s Golden Hour Signal Road with Ultegra

Austin, Texas has changed so much in the past four years since I found myself living here and I’m not talking about the constant construction. Every time I come back from a trip, or a month on the road, there are new people here, with newer bikes and I’m always thrilled to see people riding made in the USA frames, like Al’s new Signal Cycles road bike.

This bike is gold and blue, like the golden hour in central Texas, even though the order was placed while Al was living in San Francisco. Hence the fender eyelets – a technology we don’t often use here.

Aside from the great paint, my favorite detail on the bike is the head tube cluster and the fork. I love elegant steel forks and this bike looks so damn great with that one. Other details include the stainless chain guard and graphic treatment on the seat tube.

Al’s been racing this bike at our local crits and is in love. Now I just gotta take him on some hill rides to get the full Austin experience.

Ride safe dude!

  • barry mcwilliams

    I love that giant type on the seat tube.

  • Brandon Kline

    so good!

  • So good…

  • Adam Miller

    #20 is a great portrait. Love the CENTRAL MACHINE WORKS backdrop.

  • Cody Baker

    Absolutely gorgeous bike. Loving the paint layout

  • Samuel Lopez

    judging by the 3rd bottle, He’s getting used to this Texas Heat!

    • I gave him a set of water bottles to take home with him. ;-)

  • Garvee


  • David

    Really beautiful. I love mechanical Ultegra.

  • AidanNW

    Now that’s how a steel fork is done! What bottom bracket is on the build? I hope it’s the matching gold King BB.

  • Richard Smith

    Nice to see a steel fork and such a unique paint job!

  • Signal Cycles

    Thanks to everyone who chimed in! It was great to design and build this bike for Al and it was fun to hook John and Al up for a greeting and photo op. Radavist does it up right, again!