The 2014 Trek CXC Cup Pro Women – Kevin Sparrow

The 2014 Trek CXC Cup Pro Women
Words and photos by Kevin Sparrow

With a heavy thunderstorm moving through overnight I was secretly hoping for some mud. Turns out, the sun made another appearance late in the day making for almost identical conditions as the Saturday races. The wind did seem to kick it up a notch however.
Some of the biggest names in Women’s Pro cyclocross were in town and I’d be damned if I’d miss shooting some of the best athletes in the world.

Katie Compton, Georgia Gould, Gabby Durrin, Meredith Miller, Caroline Mani were all favorites for Sunday’s race.

The first couple laps there was a lot of bottlenecking going on. A group started to form in the front all heavy hitters. After the third lap Compton found her way to the front and never looked back. Gould chased but couldn’t seem to reconnect with Compton. Caroline Mani put in another huge effort, this time ending up taking third place.
Damn good show.


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  • naisemaj

    I didn’t know Georgia Gould was doing CX now, good for her! She’s a local rider where I live and her Strava times are bonkers. I really liked these two sets of race coverage, great shots!

  • Vanessa Roth

    Great photos! Thanks for the coverage of the women!

  • Lucas Gallagher

    What are those chainrings KFC is running in photo 21/the race? So sick.

    • Alex Hillis

      Custom CNC’d rings from shimano. Bikeradar just did a gallery of her race bikes.

  • Alex Hillis

    Gould’s “Orbea” is pretty hilarious/awesome. #20.

    • Chris Valente

      Nash was riding the same rig at Cross Vegas. Apparently Luna and Orbea worked out some deal with Ibis to rebrand a Hakkalugi so they could ride a disc brake setup. Sweet bike but definitely hilarious.

  • Gábor

    Great photos.

  • onelegmatt

    Wish these photos were in color.

    • Rasmus Riemann

      Think B/W fits good. Less clutter, logos , tape, etc…