The 2014 Trek CXC Cup Pro Men – Kevin Sparrow

The 2014 Trek CXC Cup Day 01
Words and photos by Kevin Sparrow

It’s not too often we get cross weather like this in Wisconsin. The sky cleared up and dried the course for the pro race. Its always a treat to have big names show up for races here and they didn’t disappoint.

The course was on the Trek Factory grounds in Waterloo, Just 15 miles outside of our state’s capitol. Riders from Chicago and Minneapolis were thick in attendance.
The big names in attendance were Powers, Johnson, Driscoll, Mcdonald, and Berden just to name a few.

From the get go Jeremy Powers had a pulled away, looking strong through the race as Tim Johnson and Shawn Milne battled for second. Most of the spectating was done on a super steep down and up section that many fell victim too. Powers held his lead and went on to win day one of the event.


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  • Leslie

    Looks like Cannondale, Focus and Trek are dominating this season with CX sponsorships.

    • It’s like that every season for the most part…

  • awesometown


    Sorry just wanted to get that out of the way so we can move on.

  • Jonathan Crain

    The kid in the near blank kit at the top of the run up is Jerry Dufour! Alabama Cyclocross represent!

  • barry mcwilliams

    Some really, really nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tyler Shannon

    Powers looks mighty strong this year. It’ll be a fun season, that’s for sure

  • Jonathan Crain

    Word around the Bamacross watercooler is that Jerry started back row and worked his way up to 18th on Saturday. Dude is 17!!!! I feel a lot better about getting lapped by him at the Bamacross season finale last year.