The 2014 Interbike Super Duper Ginormous Gallery Day 02

Here we go again. This morning’s hangover is acute, but I’m back at it. Interbike is almost impossible to cover as one person, so if you want to see something, holler at me, @JohnProlly or leave a note in the comments!

  • Sretsok

    Anything interesting about State’s CX bike?

  • awesometown

    That thompson crank is disappointing. Looks too much like an early generation truvativ OEM piece.

    • not a final product by any means and it’s made in the USA. I think it’s en-route to being great.

      • awesometown

        Made in the USA is wonderful, for sure. But when the result is this mediocre and comes from such a venerated company I find it really disappointing. No point in making it here if it’s not worth making.

        • that’s pretty harsh. I think they look great. I mean, look at their stems, very similar aesthetic.

          • If by aesthetics you mean the black anodizing, I’m afraid they have a lot of refinement left to do.

  • stateofnonreturn

    Nice shirt Cadence )))

  • Andy Brown

    Can you get some pictures of the production Giro Empire VR90?

  • Justin

    That Surly dropout in pic #70 totally looks like some sort of clown with a metallic cigar in his mouth.

  • primotapia

    The Cinelli/Mash/Columbus steel frame looks like a blast to ride, eagerly awaiting more info on that bike.

  • Oh man, that Subie wagon is so awesome. My best friend in college had an ’84 that would go literally anywhere. 1800cc of fury.

  • sulkybeard

    Xc race bikes and dope aluminum road wheels please

  • Chris Andrews

    Man I love that Look track frame

  • That 650b Ritchey looks so awesome!

    • Patrick Estrella

      finally tapered!

  • AJ Tendick

    Any cargo bike action?

  • Raoul Morley

    Ace coverage now get yourself to that Paul booth ant photograph everything!
    Seriously thank you for doing such an ace job, beers waiting next time you’re in London Village!

  • geoff.tewierik

    Love the aboriginal art tattoo Kyle is getting.

  • Eric Puckett

    I caught yer Jesse Gordon reference!

  • Jake Kruse

    would really like to see more of that ritchey fattie

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Did you get any shots of the Fat Tire Flyer book signing?

  • Kevin Capo

    Could we get some pics of the Ritchey P29er? Love that black frame!

  • Rimbaud

    Perhaps not in your wheelhouse, but I’m wondering if anyone is showing anything new in belt drive bikes. Thanks for the great photos!

  • h salinas

    Really interested in the porteur style rack on that cinelli frame. be interesting to see a frame with geometry that works with that type of load.

  • Barney

    what exactly is up with the steel look frame ? doesn’t look like typical vintage steel look frames (did they ever use tange in the past ???)
    also quality doesn’t seem on par with vintage models.. ?!

  • Barney

    i’m a big fan of look, but that $1000 cheap steel frame (tange infinity ?) has got to be the least enticing model the company has ever put out …. it saddens me that companys with such a standing are willing to sacrifice it just to make a quick buck. they could have teamed up with french artisanal builders and commission their steel line… nope… looks like they decided to offshore everything….. BLAH !