The 2014 Interbike Super Duper Ginormous Gallery Day 01

Interbike. The necessary evil of the industry and the culmination of the year’s energy for me. 48 hours ago and we were in the Sequoias, now, we’re in the towering landscapes of Las Vegas, navigating the halls of the convention, seeing new and interesting products and longtime friends.

In an attempt to make my Interbike coverage as easy to digest as possible, I’ll be doing things a little different. Each day, I’ll upload around 80 photos, with the company’s name in the captions. If you have any questions, ask below and I’ll answer.

Keep in mind, these are products I like and do not necessarily represent everything to see at the show. If you’ve seen something elsewhere that’s worth sharing, holler at me on Twitter, Instagram (@JohnProlly) or in the comments!

  • Sebastian

    That Scott hardtail looks incredible.

  • primotapia

    wow, I’m really diggin those new Chrome shoes!

  • charlesojones

    Best selection of show photos I’ve seen yet.

  • Bryan

    Bulleit Bourbon in a bottle cage has captured my attention. I’d be willing to call it the new American Sweetheart…

  • Eric Bones

    Digging that Twin Six fat bike!

  • Jamie McKeon

    imagine that wild SCOTT TT bike with The Athletic socks! if i won the lottery…

  • Dobry

    Bulleit bourbon is the best! Pictures are awesome, looks like a blast over there.

    Total tangent, but I recent trip back to SF reminded me to tell you that, if you’re in the area again, check out Humphrey Slocombe’s Ice Cream – you would dig my favorite flavor, the “Secret Breakfast” (bourbon and cornflakes). That is all.

    • Smashing Maps

      Bulleit Rye! Been enjoying the cocktail The Ritz lately:

      2 oz Rye
      1oz Amaro, Averna
      1/2 oz Maraschino Liqueur
      Orange peel

      Shake, strain, rocks, lowball

      Now back to bikes…

  • Did you get to see that new Mash all-in-one steel frame? I’m curious to know when it’ll become available.

  • Alexis Gosselin

    Who makes the rack on the Soulcraft dirt touring bike?

  • Devin Mooney

    Steal your face, Golden Saddle. So appropriate.

  • PwetStar

    Dat Soulcraft!

  • Keith Adams

    Great pics John! Loving those Twin Six bikes.

  • Sam Appelbaum

    I’m curious about the Blackburn saddlebag setup on the Santa Cruz. My Solo has a dropper, but I figure hanging a bag off the back is asking for some sort of trouble. Could you please elaborate on the setup?

    • Agleck7

      I saw that too. My thought would be make sure the straps are real soft to not scratch the “stanchion” part of the dropper and obviously not using it with the bag on there.

      • Nick Wood

        Check out GabrielAmadeus on IG – he has a pretty clever workaround for the seatpack/dropper combo.

        • Sam Appelbaum

          Good lookin’ out! That seems like a great idea.

  • Joe

    Soul Craft + Porcelain Rocket is awesome. I’d love to get lost in the woods with that setup.

  • Damon Bowe

    i’d like to learn more about the hot water dispenser for coffee.

  • Mike Jandora

    The typography on that Twin 6 = Design Boner

  • h salinas

    Yes! Great way to start the day. Always enjoy your trade show coverage, John.

  • Blake Parrish

    John: saw your pic of Russ, photo #83; I met him when I was living in Scottsdale and he was at Bicycle Haus there. Now I’m back in Texas and curious as to what he’s up to.

  • PabloP

    Will the front rack on the Green Twin Six bike be sold separately?

  • Guest

    bulleit bourbon. yes.

  • shona

    bulleit bourbon.