West Coast Best Coast Day 02 – Portland

Look, I didn’t want day two to be more Portland photos. I know this city is awesome and I have a lot of rad friends here but come on. I need some nature. Alas, yesterday was our last day in PDX, before we head out of town, along the Nestucca River to the PCH.

It’s been 12 years since I owned a vehicle and I was quickly reminded at the cost of maintenance. New tires? Yeah, expensive. Funny how you can rationalize $80 tires for your bike, but $200 tires for a car or truck? Dammit!

After running some errands, I swung by to see my friends at Rapha North America to see their expanded offices and drink all their coffee before heading out to do much of the same – try to meet as many friends as I could before we headed out of town in the morning…

  • Matthew Beaudin

    Can’t believe you managed to get CD’s good side.

  • Matt Rumora

    I had an ’88 toyota truck – very similar setup… took it across the country to ride Going to the Sun Road and beyond with my lovely new bride…. Slept our first night as newly weds in the back of that truck – between our bikes – at a rest stop. Good times! Enjoy!

  • Tyler Johnson

    I really hope she was rocking that outfit, it’s rad!

  • So when does your vacation start?

  • Alex Forbes

    That picture of you and Lauren makes me laugh so hard.

  • Matt Long

    Nice SMP. About to install mine tonight…….

    • Now you’ve drawn my eye to the seatpost. Looks nuts. What is it?

      • Matt Long

        SMP is the brand. They all have beak nose and channel in the middle. I have the SMP Glider. Look it up.

  • Jesse

    everyone is cooler than I am. [email protected]

  • Mitch Lomacz

    Great shots. Digital vacation? Film vacation? Both?

    • Shooting medium format of the good stuff and digital snaps.

  • Rimbaud

    I like those shorts that Ben is wearing in the Argo shot- anyone know what they are?