Tracko and Yanco Ramblin Roll Pre-Order Aug 28, 2014


Since everyone always misses out on these Ramblin Rolls, Kyle at Tracko and Yanco are doing a pre-order. Don’t slack on this though, because it’s limited to 100 spots with a six-week wait time. If all goes smooth, they’ll keep doing this, every six weeks.

Head to Tracko now to pre-order a Ramblin Roll!

  • Justin

    Holy shit.

  • Nicholas Houston

    what’s the scoop with your splinter camo rolls?

  • marcelo nunez

    sold out already?

  • Dan

    When is the next run since they are sold out?

    • Justin

      Today’s date + 6 weeks = Thursday, 10/9/14

  • Heather

    Any idea when more will be made/available?