Team Dream Sunset-Chasing Team

These are totally random, but too good to just let sit on my hoard drive…

Sean from Team Dream Team has a really rad VW bus that has been in his possession since he was just a bobcat cub. Well, truthfully, he’s shared this bus with a buddy of his since the early 90’s. On our last night in Los Angeles – adios! – Sean took Lauren, Kyle, Liz and myself on a ride up one of the many canyons in Malibu where he lives.

It was awesome and the perfect way to end a road trip. Now, for some much-needed time on the bike!

  • Jamie McKeon

    Sean’s shirt!

    • John Arthur

      What logo is that?

      • Depeche Mode – Boys Don’t Cry. I saw it on Tumblr.

        • Jamie McKeon

          Hahahaha. I still have this shirt too!

        • PwetStar

          wow, never knew Depeche Mode had their own version. Have always seen it for Joy Division.

          • I guess we still haven’t figured out this ‘humour on the internet’ thing, huh?

          • You mean, being a troll?

          • PwetStar


      • It’s the Tracko Ride Hills Shirt

  • Rex

    All of your “nuke” shots are incredible. Any advice for those of us who are new-ish to photography, and wanting to capture the beauty found by staring at the sun?

    • Use flash exposure comp pulled three stops or (-3) and shoot f8

      • I’d love to know more about your post techniques, if you have the time to spare. My shots never seem to have the pop that yours (and a lot of others) do.

        • Sean Talkington

          It’s all green screen & cgi! The jig is up Watson.

          All his stuff is made in house by the same team that did Bladerunner & the people that helped fake the moon landing…. #conspiracytheories

      • Mo Shizzle

        What kind/type of scanner do you usually use?

        • Epson V500 but I’ve been having my lab scan all my stuff these days.

      • Rex

        Thanks. The gradient shots are stunning too.

  • Ethan

    Awesome photos as always John. What lens are you using for the close ups of the Kombi? 35 or 50 mm fixed?

    • These are all with the Fuji 35mm equivalent (23mm) prime.

  • leeon

    Cults – Go Outside while scrolling through the set, just do it

  • Matt Long

    Jeez. These are so good. Like images inside popular summer songs of the 70s. U crushed it again, Mr. Watson.