Teague x Sizemore Wins the 2014 Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project Aug 4, 2014


Hey, every single vote counts. It appears that Teague x Sizemore won the 2014 Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project!

“Voters have spoken and declared Seattle’s Denny the winner of the Bike Design Project’s design/build competition!  The Denny wowed voters with its ingenious handlebar lock design, unique fender system, automatic shifting and modern styling.

What an amazing week!  We received over 136,000 visitors during our seven day voting period;  viewers from all over the world have seen our five entry bikes. (Hello Denmark!)

Thanks to everyone who voted and sent us enthusiastic comments – all five of the Bike Design Project bikes have received an avalanche of praise and admiration.  Watch their videos here to revisit their many features.

Our manufacturing partner Fuji Bikes will be taking the Denny into production – in the future, you can own a Denny!”

Congrats to Teague and Sizemore! I can’t wait to see these bikes rolling into production.

18 responses to “Teague x Sizemore Wins the 2014 Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project”

  1. Edgar Guzman says:

    I knew that this bike design was going to win

  2. cezeOne says:

    love the videos.

  3. TaylorSizemore says:

    So stoked you guys, you don’t even know!

  4. Ross Stralia says:

    Damn…. I really wanted a MNML x Method Bicycle

  5. Ultra_Orange says:

    I agree I think this is a great concept, but I still have questions about the wheel scrubbers. Have you heard on a possible retail? Heard rumors that this would be around $3k and that just seems a bit out of line.

    • ROTOMON says:

      While the price does seem a bit high, most people seem to forget that it has electric assist on it as well which if you have priced any electric/ electric assist bikes they are all around 2200-2500 on average and no where near as cool.

      • Ultra_Orange says:

        Lol nope, those are much more like electric mopeds. The electric assist front hub and battery aren’t 2k worth of tech. If they were just Doing a limited hand built run I could see a premium but 3k is a bit of a stretch.

        • ROTOMON says:

          In the end if i want one ill never pay anywhere near that. Perks of managing a bicycle shop :)

  6. Salim Riley says:

    Was my vote! The only thing is those fenders. How strong do those things scrape the tire? Too hard hinders performance, too soft is useless in snow or mud. I want to see how it looks ridden hard.

  7. Guest says:

    Right on Taylor!!!

  8. Martin Ekdahl says:

    Until they are manufactured in big batches for a large group of customers the price will be high. But new invention’s prices are always high in the beginning until it reaches the common folk and that’s when it becomes cheaper. Basic economic for pricesetting and demand.

  9. Ali Yahyaoui says:

    i hope the price is gonna be under 300 dollars

  10. Remixlab says:

    Sign me up!

  11. when is it come out and for how much?

  12. OnlyThatFire says:

    good to buy stocks in this company now

  13. Slade Robbie says:

    how much will it cost?