Speedplay Zero Pavé Pedals Enjoy Playing Dirty Aug 15, 2014


I’ve always wanted to ride Speedplay pedals, but with all the hike-a-bike rides I do, it would wreak havoc on their cleats. I’m sure this isn’t the first time Speedplay’s had that criticism and maybe that’s the motivation behind their new Zero Pavé pedals.

Here’s their selection criteria:

-You enjoy riding in mixed terrain environments, road, gravel, or cobbles
-You demand a high performance pedal in wet and dirty conditions
-You expect to walk on un-paved surfaces

Basically, if you enjoy riding your road bike off-road, these might be your new best friend. Head to your local shop for ordering and if you have tried these out yourself, let us know your thoughts!

Made in the USA

  • campirecord

    Nothing has changed, you still have EXACTLY the same cleat on your shoe. I’m a speedplay guy but I have to call the BS marketing here… The exact same rock, gravel is gonna lock in that cleat, the exact same screw head is gonna get tortured by concrete and the exact same bit of crap is gonna sit in that zero span bolt. At best, at the very best, the smaller plate surface will help you un-clip at the most critical time, during a sprint. The only advantage I see here is a bit more room for sand but forget about even running, walking with these one, doesn’t get better. Again, I love my speedplay but I can’t think of a worst system for off the bike.

    • I just use Keep On Kovers and never have to worry about any of that shit

      • campirecord

        yeah I really want to be carrying my backpack, and I love walking around like I have a pickle up my arse… come on man. Like I said, I love my speedplay but don’t pretend they are what they are not, speedplay have no place in anything other than perfect baby ass smooth pavement crit. I’m not hating, I’m justing stating reality.

        • Tom

          At the end of the day, this seems like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. There are lots of high performance carbon soled MTB shoes, and lots of lightweight pedal options.

        • I was just saying, if I do suffer a mechanical I don’t have to worry about stepping off the bike onto shitty ground and ruining my cleats. I think these pedals have been designed for 1% of riders, if I was building an adventure/gravel/whatever bike then I’d just put ATAC’s on it. I don’t see the point in running road cleats on an off road bike.

    • Tom

      Love my Speedplaypedals, but I agree, those cleats are going to get jammed up all the same if that hasn’t changed. Whatever happened to the Speedplay Syzr? Vaporware?

  • diddlebop

    “Note: The Zero Pavé is not recommended for Cyclocross or Mountain Bike riding.” So it’s an off road pedal with no off road capabilities?

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Yeah…..just more overpriced garbage for Speedplay fanboys. I used to ride Speedplay and they would foul at the sight of a wet gravel road. I wouldn’t take these if they were gifted to me….I would return them for some Look Keo Blades or DA9k.

  • Eddie Jacobson

    The anger is real today. It’s like Speedplay banged all these peoples moms.

    • campirecord

      Go do neutral support on a stage race where the speedplay racer brakes his frame…and watch him scramble for new shoes 2 sizes down…

  • ezweave

    They already make off road pedals (Frogs)… but for gravel and grit these are only going to be slightly better than the lollipops.

  • TurnerWashington

    I always wondered why they can’t just recess the screws on the cleat so they don’t get so easily worn. It’s a terror to replace them once they are ground down. Or like, what about a rubber cover around the edge to protect the screws and make it so you can walk on them?

    • speedplay keep on kovers do the trick for me!

  • elon

    Must agree w/ the naysayers. I ride Speedplay road (X) and mountain (Frog) pedals because of a bad knee. I need the float. These new pedals don’t offer anything new. That looks exactly like the road cleat for my X pedals. You can walk on a shag carpet with those, but that’s about it.

  • ezweave

    After reading about Cancellara’s experience: I have changed my mind: in CO we do enough regular USA cycling (road) races on gravel (as well as training) that these could help. I have had to dig dirt out of my pedals with a stick many times. If this helps clearing, that would be awesome.

    I’m not an SP fanboy, I rode/raced Look forever, but the ability to adjust Q-factor and dual sided entry is nice. I don’t love having to pump em full of grease. I also wonder why they can’t make these cheaper…

    (ALSO: comments about not using Speedplay for off road seem lazy, at best. For MTB they have made the Frog.)

  • Rex Lombardi

    Iron Cross Motörhead edition?